Sunday 23 August 2015

The Week That Was Captured #31

Hello lovelies! Well, I did it! My little 'ol' blog reached 200k views early last week with a bit of help from lovely people like you.

It may be a drop in the ocean for some but as this is my place to escape and share rather than my job, I'm pretty proud. It's always nice to know that people are reading what you write and hearing what you have to say.

That's why we do this, really, isn't it?

To share. To remember. To support. To be a part of something.

I don't have a lot to share or document from the week that was last week, other than this face and a few little loves.

I've had a lovely time with my two boys, one big, one small, and Ethan's smile just makes anything and everything worthwhile. That's why I wrote this post about him being my son-shine. It's cheesy, but it's really how I've been feeling.

And whilst he's got a long way to go to become a bartender, we've had fun making mocktails and playing - he's particularly taken a shine to my iPad, calling it 'Beebies' because of the Cbeebies app and pulling a cushion onto his lap, sitting next to me on the sofa, to have a play with it each evening.

Ethan's routine is pretty solid now, with him going to bed around 8pm, reading some stories then sleeping through until we wake him around 7.10am during the week. We're thinking about moving him to a big boy bed soon, so doing a lot of reading on how to go about this as he's got a good bedtime routine now and we don't want to mess with what isn't broken!

I've also started to add into my 'From Mum with love' record book (RRP £6) this week - the latest lovely book from Parragon Books as part of their #BookBuddies scheme (how many times can I say book in one sentence?!).

This is truly a beautiful book. At just £6, it is amazing value and it gives you such a cute and easy way to document all the key moments in the life your family, for your little one to hopefully read one day when they're not so little any more.

The illustrations are pretty, the suggested pages thoughtful and reading the last section where you can write a special page or two about a special memory or something you want to share with your child actually brought a tear to my eye.

A lovely gift for an expectant mother. Or any mother.

I missed an event at The Body Shop last weekend but the nice team showed me their new Spa of the World range when I popped in this week and oh my, is it good. I love a good spa day (or weekend, even better) and I'm always wanting to recreate my own sanctuary at home. Candles, lotions and potions, just some quiet time away from the usual distractions.

This collection is just divine. The Body Shop is famed for products that either make you want to nibble on your own arms or simply sniff yourself all day long and the new spa collections will have you stroking your soft skin for hours. I've tried a few sample pots and it's love, so when pay day rolls around, I might indulge. Watch this space.

I got to take a couple of clients out for a nice lunch at work this week - this was the 'dip your own strawberries' dessert. Mmm!

Food wise at home, I've been mixing simple, easy to throw together dishes with some of my favourites - including my tuna steak and cauliflower rice (a big hit with the hubs) and a lot of my signature guacamole.

I've tried a few more 'eat clean' food swap ideas recently which I have been meaning to write up and share so I'll do more on this theme soon.

Lots to come on my blog this week so stay tuned and as always, thanks for popping by!

Kelly x

P.S Happy birthday to Hannah at Make Do and Push, creator of the #TWTWC linky!


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  1. Those strawberries look delicious and what a good idea the baby book is.

    Lizzie Dripping


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