Tuesday 8 September 2015

Hair raising

These past few weeks, I've kept on seeing the same adverts on TV, for John Frieda's 7 Day Volume and Air-Dry Waves hair products.

I'm always looking for new ways to try and do something decent with my hair; it's quite fine and can look flat, even when I've styled it as sometimes, a curl will just not stay put.

My current style, with a graduated bob and blunt layers, lends itself to minimum maintenance and doesn't need too much attention generally - a full blow-dry or a few flicks with my GHD's is usually enough to get me by - but I was keen to pick up these two new products and try them out for myself.

I bought the Luxurious Volume 7 Day In-Shower Treatment (£9.99) and gave this a go a few days ago. You simply wash and condition as usual then apply a few pumps of this treatment to your hair, focusing on your roots in particular. I used four to five pumps for my hair and left it for five minutes before rinsing then blow-drying my hair as usual.

My hair felt a little different and I had some lift to my hair, but not a huge amount. I think if I use a styling treatment before blow-drying, such as my Osmo root booster, and my big hair hot brush, I'll see better results next time. I'm keen to keep using this to see if it does help over time and I may take a look at other products in the range.

The second product, Frizz Ease Air-Dry Waves Styling Foam (£5.89), had a bigger instant result. I have a natural wave to my hair but always have to tease this to really emphasise it or get a good curl going. If I use mousse and blow-dry, my hair can be left a little 'crisp' looking and if I leave it to dry naturally, it can be a bit limp and fluffy looking.

I applied six pumps in total of Air-Dry Waves to my towel-dried hair, then left to 'air dry', as the name suggests. Within a couple of hours, my hair had dried all the way through for the most part and I was quite surprised with how well defined my natural waves and curls were, particularly around my shorter layers.

To finish the look, I'd need to run my GHD's quickly, at an angle, through the front sections mainly, as these always need a bit more work to get my hair looking how it should, but the Air-Dry Waves really did make a difference.

My hair felt light and natural too, so I will definitely continue using this, particularly on days when I don't really feel like styling my hair or I want to give it a break from heat styling.


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