Wednesday 9 September 2015

Brilliant new season buys for boys

I love dressing my little bud up. In fact, I think I enjoy shopping for Ethan more than for myself!

Boys clothes can be really fun and it's great to see that there's more choice on the high street, if you shop around, than just a sea of blue or everything having to have cars on it.

I have nothing against blue or cars, but some choice never goes a miss!

For these reasons, as well as the high quality of their clothes, Next is my favourite place to go for Ethan's new season clothes. Great for quirky tops, snuggly jumpers and great coats and accessories too, every time the seasons have changed, I've made Next my first stop for Ethan's stand-out pieces.

I've had a browse at the new lines for autumn/winter and picked out a few pieces that have caught my eye for that special little man in my life:

I just love bobble hats and all of these are goregous - plus Ethan would love the monster hat! He looks great in hats so we might just have to buy all of them... He also loves lions, pandas and dinosaurs at the moment and Next has all of these covered; the 'monster in my pocket' jeans are very cool and I have a feeling my husband will insist on the Star Wars PJ's - in fact, he'll be jealous and want a pair for himself, I'm sure!

I've also been hitting the supermarkets of late, scooping up some great essentials in Asda, Tesco and Morrisons too. You can't beat George in my book for great value and clothes that will just wear and wear, and Tesco often has a few things that stand out.

Morrisons' Nutmeg range has recently been introduced at our local store and I've been picking up a t-shirt here and there ever since. From just £2, there's some really fun designs to be had and I've got a lovely green padded coat with hood for Ethan for only £12 which he is going to look so cute in.

I've unpacked all of Ethan's warmer clothes again now September has hit and it really seems to be autumn now with full force, and we only really need to pick up some boots and a couple more trousers and jumpers for when it gets colder.

I think several of the Next pieces above may be new staples soon...


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