Friday 11 September 2015

My letter to Ethan - at 2 years 4 months

Hi squishy.

There's so much going on with you at this age, these letters are a great way to summarise all the latest developments, words and memories from the past month or so.

They say that time goes fast and it's so true; it's almost impossible to remember everything that has happened as you're always doing or saying something new, but it's worth trying to because Daddy and I love looking back and remembering some of the things you have done before and it's so easy to forget.

So, what's new since I last wrote to you?

Hmm. You've started talking in sentences this month. Before, you could say three or four words together but now, you have full on conversations and understand context and tense too.

You still eat Cheerios, almost without exception.

You love nursery and tell us about what you've been doing and who you have been playing with.

Your favourite bedtime read, next to The Gruffalo, which you know almost word for word, is A Squash and a Squeeze. It's by the same author, so you clearly like the rhyming.

Every evening, around half an hour before bed, you come over to me on the sofa, sit on 'your' spot, put a cushion in your lap and ask me for my iPad. Yes, you can actually ask for it by name. You then choose either Netflix, BBC iPlayer or Cbeebies and watch Mr Tumble or Bing before we take you up for bath and bed. It's a lovely time of the day, as you cuddle in the nook of my arm and watch your program intently.

It's getting colder now so you have some new warmer clothes and size 6 feet.

You have a big appetite, it seems, at nursery but tend to eat less when you're at home. Except for asking for Cheerios and 'bidits' all the time.

You quite often say 'no' to something, then 'yes' and then will probably say 'no' again. It's tough answering a question when you're a toddler.

You've discovered something new that excites you a lot - planes. We went to see Gramps over the Bank Holiday weekend and we went to watch small planes and gliders take off at a nearby airfield. The 'apperlanes' excited you very much and you still tell us about going to see the apperlanes with Gramps.

This weekend, we are going to Yorkshire to see your Godparents. We're all staying together for a couple of days and have a beer festival to go to in their village; you went last year and there was a bouncy castle (your first) so hopefully it will be there again. They are all going to be amazed by you. It's been over four months since we all last saw each other and now you're 3cm taller, look more and more like a grown up every day and can have conversations (and boss people about). It's going to be a lot of fun.

We then have a week off to spend together and it's going to be lovely. Lots of time together (it's Mummy and Daddy's 5th wedding anniversary on Friday) and we may also go on safari again too as we have a free return ticket.

We're also going to move you up to your big boy toddler bed, so that's going to be interesting. I hope you like your new bedroom furniture and settle into your new bed - you're such a good sleeper most of the time, let's hope you don't mind a little change.

Here's to another month of milestones and memories.

Love you, my special little guy.


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