Tuesday 29 September 2015

Seasonal lip shades

What better reason for refreshing your look and your make up bag than the changing of the seasons?

With autumn coats unpacked and shades of mustard, burgundy, plum and teal awash on the high street, it's a great time to add a few new seasonal shades to your lips too.

I went shopping a couple of weeks ago on the hunt for some autumn inspired lip shades. I was looking for matt finishes - I love the flawless look and at this time of year, you can dare to go a bit bolder. I wanted a rich raspberry red, a deep plum, a warmer nude and something that would pack a little punch too.

Here's what I found...

For budget buys, you can't beat a Rimmel lipstick or a multi buy. I bought two Revlon lipsticks for £10 in Boots and picked up the most perfect shade of bright red (I've come to believe you can never have too many reds) and a richer red too, which is great for this time of year.

I also stopped off at No 7 too. They do a match service now for your lipstick, so once you know your foundation shade, you can see which lipsticks they recommend to suit your skin tone. I'm Calico, as pale as pale can be, and whilst there's a few nice suggestions, I prefer some of the other shades as I like richer colours rather than the 'barely there' look. I need to add colour somehow to my face!

Top shades I recommend you take a look at are Autumn Truffle, a soft brown / orange / red that I think will suit a lot of people, and the slightly stronger Sweet Chestnut. For a pink pout that's perfect for the season, Cranberry Kiss is lovely. And the matt crayon featured above is brilliant when used with the lip liner for a precise line. Trust me - these lipsticks, which are often on offer, last really well, give a good pigmented finish and feel soft on your lips to boot.

I really like the Bourjois shade for every day wear - it's a warmer nude and works well with lots of different outfits too.

And for the days when I want to go for full on colour, the L'Oreal purple/pink is the perfect vibrant shade. It's not for the fearless but I love it.

What are your favourite shades for autumn?


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