Tuesday 22 September 2015

The big boy bed is a hit!

We took down Ethan's cot on Monday last week and built his new boy bed. Since then, he's slept soundly every night and we couldn't be happier with how he's handled the transition.

Since a few months old, Ethan's been quite a good sleeper and we've been used to him sleeping through the night from 8.30/9pm all the way until we wake him, usually around 7.10am during the working week. Only once every couple of weeks he might wake up unsettled or from having a bad dream, but even then it doesn't take long for him to nod off again.

And, touch wood, since trading up to a toddler bed, the same routine has continued.

He's only had a couple of instances of waking up and otherwise each night has slept through. We've tried to keep the rest of Ethan's bedtime routine the same and the new duvet, pillow and layout of his room hasn't fazed him as a result at all.

When we go upstairs to change him, he runs in and lies down waiting for us and in the morning, he's usually found sitting up in bed, with a few toys and books back in bed with him, and with a big smile on his face.

As his bedroom door opens quite easily, we've installed a new safety gate on the outside of the door so if he does get up and decides to try come out his room, he can't do any mischief. I think he's just enjoying the novelty of being able to pick up his toys if he wants them and he seems to enjoy being a big boy now, despite the fact he looks so tiny in his bed.

We've also moved the other safety gate from the lounge door to the hall instead, so he's been enjoying having more of downstairs to roam freely. He follows us around now, because he can, and asks 'what you doing?' and calls if you've gone out of sight. It's very funny and we are really pleased that we've all adjusted to this next milestone with (again, touch wood) ease.

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