Wednesday 23 September 2015

Swoon-worthy Stationery

So, I love stationery. Obsessively so. I think this is because of:

* My desire to plan things in advance (so I always have things to look forward to and know when and where we need to be)

* My need to take control of things (so I can keep calm and try and just enjoy the journey)


* My quest to make everything just a little bit prettier (and a bit more 'me' too)

I have had many a diary, planner, notebook, calendar, to do list but thanks to fellow paper addict Jocelyn at The Reading Residence, I have discovered what could be the ultimate find for a life planning, paper fiend such as myself.

Enter Kikki.K.

(Apologies in advance if the following makes you rush out and spend a small fortune on pretty, papery things).

I have never heard of this brand before and I'm wondering whether I have been living under a rock. Having stumbled across their website after reading this post, I then spent eight minutes transfixed to this video:

Followed by another hour searching around for more planner inspiration and putting together my virtual wishlist.

Why am I so excited? Well, Kikki.K seems to bring together my need for order and for prettiness perfectly. Their planners come in colourful, fun designs with a whole range of complimentary accessories and paper packs that give you the chance to tailor your planner to suit you.

Honestly, I may have died and gone to stationery heaven.

I haven't dared to look at their housewares section...

I'm loving the ideas on personalising your planner as seen in the video above - so simple, so useful, so cute - and if I were to make a purchase, this is what I would buy...

2016 Leather Time Planner in Watermelon, Large, £48

I love the colour, I love the sentiment and I love the pocket features inside whether you can have a to do list pad, a note pad... whatever you need!

But, I have to admit, the inside of this planner is really, really cute:

Another reason I like this one is the button clasp has a 'K' on it... you know, for Kelly? I know, I'm sad. I'd probably still get the watermelon coloured one previous, but with the inserts from the blue one, which you can buy separately for £9. This one is also beautiful, with a zipped section.

This Paper Lovers Book, £18, is A-MAZING! Absolutely essential, with all the following elements:

• Notepaper
• Envelopes
• DIY projects
• Postcards
• Card cut-outs
• Stickers
• Labels
• Patterned Paper
• Bunting 

There's also a Christmas Paper Lovers Book too, which I definitely need in my life ahead of the festive season, plus a Christmas DIY Sticker Book. There's also a Letter To Santa set too for little ones.

There's different 'dashboards' for the time planners to help you start personalising, including the 'be brave' design above and this 'cute' design, both £12 for the large size.
A5 Tiered To Do List Pad, £6
Perfect for the planner or by itself, this pad is such a clever idea - all you have to decide is when things need to be done.
Conversation Starters, Pack of 50, £6
These cute little prompts are full of bite-sized wisdom and even inspiration for blog posts

DIY Sticker Book, £12
These could be used for your planner but also for cards and around the home too

Vision Board, £6
I just love the idea of having a vision board for motivation - I'm trying to do something similar with a noticeboard in our dining room

Lemon 3D notepad, £4.95
Who wouldn't want to write notes on a slice of lemon?
Important Document Holder, £24
I need one of these! It comes with tabs for different documents, such as insurance papers and passports, plus it has handy information sheets to fill in so your important account details and contact numbers are all safe in one place

In short, I see a Kikki.K shopping slurge in my future. Wouldn't you love to be greeted by this every day? Love the bright yellow and rich blue combo... enough to brighten any day.

Be still my stationery loving heart!



  1. Well this is quite frankly amazing! I have just watched the youtube videos and I'm hooked, oh it would make me so happy to spend my days doing things like that! I could buy it all but I love the conversation starter cards and the paper, so pretty! xx

    1. I did exactly the same. I love Paperchase but I wish there were ,ore stationery brands like this in the UK.

  2. Sorry to have got you started on this (well, not that sorry, really...!) They are gorgeous, aren't they? I love the watermelon planner. Ah, maybe one day..... x

    1. Yes, maybe one day... Thank you for helping feed my stationery obsession :)


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