Thursday 24 September 2015

Homeware for little Gruffalo hunters

Whilst Ethan has a sizeable collection of books, his favourite for sure is The Gruffalo. And I know that he isn't alone - it's a best-loved picture book for so many little ones.

If you too have a Gruffalo hunter in your midst, then you might want to take a look at these beautiful finds for home.

I was looking for a way to display some of Ethan's most loved bedtime books, within his reach, now he has a bed he can get in and out of and a room which he can explore when he's playing alone (we have this book caddy downstairs).

And I found this - it couldn't be any more perfect for my little book worm and Gruffalo in the making...

Isn't it beautiful? You can find it here for £32.99 and we are really pleased with how practical it is too.

Ethan's pretty happy with it too!

I then saw that there was a matching toy box. Now, Ethan has hundreds of cuddly toys and there's a hamper in the lounge for some of them, but one of our cats had shredded it to pieces. So we now have this lovely toy box instead  (£39.99 here, plus there's a storage unit too)...

And finally, we wanted to get a spare set of bedding for Ethan's toddler bed and I came across this - the perfect finishing touch! If only I had seen the bed before we ordered the one we have...!, £22 


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