Sunday 27 September 2015

#StationerySunday - Paperchase haul

My love of stationery is well established on here (as my post on Kikki K earlier this week firmly established) and fellow stationery enthusiast Jocelyn at The Reading Residence has started a new link up, via any kind of post, called #StationerySunday.

And having hit Paperchase pretty hard this week (there's a new store in Birmingham at Grand Central - swoon), I had to join in the paper-based fun.

I've been getting my personal planner in order, working out what works best for me, much in the same way Jocelyn has, and I think I'm getting there. I'm quite particular when it comes to planning and with a few new Paperchase treats, I can bring some order to the madness.

I'm loving their new list books, which are available in a variety of patterns and styles and contain all different sizes of notepads and sticky tabs. Brilliant for a post-it fiend like me.

I've also stocked up on a few different style memo notes and page markers and the latest collections from Paperchase will have you well and truly sorted on this front.

I've also treated myself to a new Filofax. I know, I have issues. I love my larger size one and typically, I can easily fill it and a larger size works best for my sloppy hand writing and my tendency to over-stuff. But I want to be able to take my planner with me with ease, no matter how small my handbag, so this new purchase was justified. Honest.

I'll probably share a guide to my planner and how I make it work for me soon - I love reading how others organise themselves and thought you might like a quick peek, so I'll share this with you soon.

In the meantime, enjoy my #StationerySunday treats...



  1. Lovely papery treats :) I'm not one for post it notes but I don't mind looking at them!

  2. Loving those little hearts (and looking at everyone's stationery on #sundaystationery !)

  3. I want it all. Simple as. Fortunately (or unfortunately for my bank balance), we've a trip to Grand Central planned soon, so I can indulge! Thanks very much for sharing with #sundaystationery x

  4. oooh so much gorgeousness! I adore all the post its, I keep buying them even though I never use them!


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