Friday 30 October 2015

A book that's out of this world

A while ago, Ste came across a very special book and it fast became one of Ethan's favourites.


Well, it featured a boy called Ethan. My Ethan.

It was a story called The Little Boy Who Lost His Name and it followed a fantastical journey, beautifully illustrated, all about this boy trying to find his name.

I've included my original post on this below, but I'm back today to share the latest story from the creators of Lost My Name The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home.

It's just beautiful. Even more so than their first book, with bold illustrations and clever image play and words that spill over the page this way and that.

It's a decent length story too - possibly one to spread over a couple of nights, particularly if your little one is particularly little - and the whole book design and format feels premium and very special indeed.

As you'd expect, The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home is a space adventure about, well, someone trying to get home. And, as you'd expect, the book can be personalised but even further that the previous book.

This time, as well as selecting the name and gender of the child you will be gifting it to, you can choose whether they are blonde, brown or dark haired and even the number of their house makes an appearance in the story.

In fact, their own house itself makes an appearance, as the book will include an aerial view of where the child lives as part of the story.

Incredible, huh?

With Ethan and his always floppy, just out of bed hair, the boy in the book is remarkably familiar and hubs and I have enjoyed reading this latest story, deciding to keep this safe until Christmas Day. It's such a special book and as Ethan loved The Little Boy Who Lost His Name so much, we thought we would keep this aside as a present.

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home is priced at £19.99, including a personalised message on the inside cover, full personalisation of the story and postage, which is pretty good for a book that's out of this world.


As promised, here's some further information on The Little Boy Who Lost His Name, which we loved (we came across and paid for this book by ourselves but were kindly sent the creative team's latest story)...

His favourite book at the moment is something very special indeed. It's something that my hubs came across and ordered as a surprise.

It's called 'The Little Boy Who Lost His Name' and it's a book all about, well, a boy who loses his name and goes on a fantastical journey to find it again. He meets various characters on his travels, who each lend him a letter as they take pity on him.

Can you guess the surprise twist?

This special book is personalised to a T, as the story is built around your child's name. Each part of the story is pieced together according to the letters in their name and at the end, it reveals that the little boy (or girl) has the same name as your child.

When I first read it, and realised what made it so special, it really choked me up. It's so thoughtful and a wonderful story to read with your child as it's all about them in a way.

Even though Ethan is oblivious to the story, he is captivated by the book all the same and points to it on the shelf each night. He's even started saying the letters, pointing at the Troll in the tale and saying 'T!'

The joy on his face is just magical.


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