Wednesday 28 October 2015

Bath time = me time

How do you choose to relax, once your little ones are in bed? Read a book? Pour a glass of wine? Or draw yourself a bath?
Personally, I think all three sound pretty good!

The latter is always accompanied with some rubber ducks now, but I still like to have a soak in the tub. I have quite sensitive skin so I'm always careful to pick bubble baths and shower creams that are going to be gentle but also give me a nice treat. 

And Cussons Carex invited me to enjoy some bubbles and sent me their new bath time treats to try out, the next time I had chance to close the bathroom door and indulge in a little me time.

I've used their handwash products before so was interested to try out their new bath range.

There's two bubble bath options - Nourishing Bath Cream and Mild and Sensitive Bath Soak - and both sounded great to me. The cream produced a rich lather and my skin felt lovely and smooth after, so I could skip body moisturiser.

All I needed to add to the bubbles was a scented spa candle, a nice face mask and one of my favourite programmes on Neflix on the iPad (instead of Cbeebies, for a change) and I'm in heaven.

Both of the Carex bath options are also available as shower washes / creams too, and I've been using these every shower for a couple of weeks and have found them mild enough to not irritate my skin but I still feel squeaky clean afterwards.

The RRP for these big 500ml bottles is just £2,99 and a little goes a long way, so I'd certainly pick them up again knowing that they'll be kind to my skin and last ages too.


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