Tuesday 20 October 2015

Project Shoebox - make a difference

Sometimes, a small thing in life can make a big difference.

Take a shoebox.

Once something to bring some new shoes home in, a shoebox can mean so much more so someone in need. Someone like you. Someone who has had to leave their home. Someone who didn't have chance to take very much with them.

How can a shoebox make a difference? 

It can contain essential items, and a few treats, to make them smile. To let them know that someone cares. And to show them kindness and give them dignity as they try to make a fresh start.

Project Shoebox is an amazing campaign run by Kate, a mum of two and a self-confessed IT nerd by day, charity champion by night. For the past two years, Project Shoebox has collected together donated toiletries to create care packages for women and children who will be spending Christmas in a domestic violence refuge. Many will arrive bruised, battered and with nothing more than the clothes they are standing in, so the aim of the campaign is to give them a gift to help them start again.

Through donations of unwanted toiletries like shampoo, body lotion, toothpaste and brushes, coordinators put together a shoebox of items which will then be given to a woman and / or child at a local refuge. They are meant to be a small gift of kindness, providing them with some practical bits and pieces to help them at a time they need it most.

Almost 2,000 boxes were donated to refuges across the country last year through Project SHoebox - an incredible result when you think Kate just began this from her very own bathroom. As more and more people became aware of this annial initiative, more people wanted to get involved and I've volunteered to be a collection point for donations in and around Birmingham.

I've donated for the past two years but just wanted to do more this year.

So, if you have any unwanted toiletry items or want to pick up something extra when you’re next shopping, I am gratefully accepting donations throughout November. If you're local, you can drop your goodies off in person or if you want to send something to me via post, that's ok too - just email me at tobecomemum@gmail.com and I will tell you how.

I will then collate all donations into individual showboxes, one box for one woman, to be donated to a local refuge in early December.

I've included a list of items that Project Shoebox looks for below and if you want to find out more, please visit the Facebook page as donations are being collected from across the country for this cause.

Really useful basics:
  • ·        Shower gel
  • ·        Soap
  • ·        Toothbrush
  • ·        Toothpaste
  • ·        Shampoo
  • ·        Conditioner
  • ·        Body Lotion
  • ·        Deodorant
  • ·        Hair brush/comb

Helpful, comforting things:
  • ·        Face wash/toner/moisturiser
  • ·        Make up remover
  • ·        Sanitary products
  • ·        Cosmetics – face, nails, makeup, fake tan, hair dye
  • ·        Cotton wool, flannel
  • ·        Hair products: spray, mousse and also hair bands or scrunchies

Just nice things to have:
  • ·        Scarves, bits of jewellery
  • ·        Socks, tights, slippers or flipflops
  • ·        Sweets
  • ·        A Christmas card 

Teens - girls and boys:
It’s often families in refuges, so we also collect any of the following:
  • ·    All of the above but for younger recipients, and including boys items such as men’s shower gel, deodorant, socks, hair gel, etc.

Having a baby is often a real trigger point for domestic abuse to get worse, so babies are often in need within refuges. Any of the following make great baby boxes:
  • ·        Baby shampoo
  • ·        Baby Lotion
  • ·        Baby Oil
  • ·        Nappy cream
  • ·        Cotton wool
  • ·        Wipes
  • ·        Nappy bags
  • ·        Clean, unused dummies
  • ·        Anything helpful for a new mum: nipple cream, knickers, nursing pads, etc.

Visit my Facebook event page to follow progress and find out how you can help me collect items for donation to Birmingham refuges.


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