Monday 19 October 2015

Life lately - animals, toddler tantrums and pretty dresses

Since the start of the year, I’ve posted weekly round-ups to bring together highlights, memories and little loves in one post but recently, I haven’t always had time. Sometimes, there’s lots to say and other weeks, not so much. That’s life, really, isn’t it?

If you have popped by this blog over the past few weeks, you’ll have spotted a few posts named as ‘the week that was’ or ‘the list’ – I was trying to find a way to make these round-up style posts fit and just didn’t know what to call them. Lots of other bloggers do similar features and call them different things, so simply put, here’s a ‘life lately’ update from me…

I don’t know about you but the year has flown and it seems that this month, we’re busier than ever. Work is always busy but our socially calendar, or just list of things to do, has been pretty crammed this month and I’ve been spinning a lot of plates.

PLACES We’ve been to see my Dad and he got to spend the day with Ethan, which was nice as always. Unfortunately, on our second night, Ethan woke an hour or so after falling asleep beside himself and inconsolable. It’s happened more than once so I think it might be night terrors – I’m reading up about it and will share more on this topic soon.

We’ve also been to the Sea Life Centre to take part in the new Octonauts Training Academy (again, more coming soon!) and we’re going back to West Midlands Safari Park soon with a free return ticket and again for the fireworks display.

Three of our family members participated in the Birmingham Half Marathon at the weekend and we went for a meal afterwards to celebrate – Ethan dressed as Batman for the occasion.

My Brother-in-Law is getting married this weekend at Compton Verney so we will be celebrating this over a couple of days then we have next week off work, starting with the wedding and with a spa break with my besties to look forward to, amongst other things.

PEOPLE We’ve spent lots of time together as a family and have seen our wider family too, so I feel very lucky at the moment.

Earlier this month, hubs and I had our first night away from Ethan for a very long time, and went to see our favourite band, Barenaked Ladies. You may know them from their 90’s hit ‘One Week’ but trust me, they’re ace so you should go look them up. Suffice to say, we had an amazing time.

Ethan’s doing really well at nursery and they’ve been giving him sticker rewards for good behaviour, which is something we might start doing at home if he’s getting to an age where he understands this kind of system. He’s going through what I’m calling a ‘flip-flop phase’ so we are learning how to deal with his frequent ‘no!’ spells.

Please excuse the 'dragged through a bush backwards' hair - just focus on the pretty dresses!

THINGS I’ve been treated to not one but four new Lindy Bop dresses, thanks to my lovely Mother-in-Law. I was only meant to have the one for the wedding, but she kindly ordered the different styles I’d seen to try out and said I could have them all, as a treat. What a lovely treat indeed! It was really hard to pick just one for the wedding, but after an Instagram vote, the blue lace one in the middle won.

Beauty wise, I'm still loving my autumnal lippes. I've also been loving my new creamy cleanser - it's this one by Good Things, a brand I really rate (particularly their face masks) - and I've been using Espa facial oil each night and in the mornings too before make up to help give my skin a much needed moisture boost. I tried the new Oils of Life range at The Body Shop and was really impressed, so may treat myself (or ask Santa to) when my Espa products run out.

I'm setting myself a hydration challenge too as, like most of us, I never drink enough water and I'm trying to make an effort. I'm also going to give a teatox a go too (yep, cue a post on both of these!).

I’ve started my Christmas shopping too, with half of our main family and friends taken care of now. I'm behind by previous year's standards but I'm getting there and Ethan has all his bits and pieces taken care of (another post on this coming soon). 

I may have started my own little wishlist too, over on Pinterest...

And to reference yet another post I am writing but have yet to publish, following the great response last year, I'm going to share again my top places to see Santa in the Midlands, 2015 edition, so keep your eyes peeled for where you can see the man in red.

So, this post turned into more a list of posts I plan on writing / finishing more than anything. Hopefully lots of reasons for you to come back soon :)

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  1. Those dresses are all gorgeous, how lovely of your mother-in-law!


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