Wednesday 14 October 2015

The flip flop phase


'Yes Bubs?'

'I want Boody.'

'You want Woody? Ok!'

'No! I no want Boody, Mummy.'

'Oh, ok then.'

'Boody - BOODY Mummy!'

'Right, Mummy will put Boody on for you.'

'NO! * stamps foot and points at me * I said no Boody, Mummy!'

'Fine then! I don't particularly want to watch Woody for the zillioneth time, either!'

That's a typical conversation in our house at the moment. Usually followed by another very similar conversation, but this time about ninner (dinner) / putting his shoes on / going to the shops / anything and everything.

My flip flop of a son has loved the word 'no' for a long while now but it's being tested out even more at the moment, as he learns what he can and can't do, and what he does and doesn't want. Which, depending on his mood, can be anything and it can start at any time.

The flip flop phase is sure fun. NOT. 

On Sunday, it was pretty non-stop. Maybe he got out of the bed the wrong side. We all do every now and again and he's learning all the time so it's only to be expected to have a few tricky days where nothing seems to be quite right.

It just seems to be happening more and more and it's certainly the most challenging thing we have to deal with at the moment (so really, in the grand scheme of things, we can't complain too much at all).

Hubs' tries to get the right answer from him and ends up fighting a loosing battle. I tend to do my best to ignore him after asking him something and having him change his mind twice or more, admitting defeat early on.

How do you handle such temperamental toddler moments? I know the answer is likely to be 'it's just a phase', as most things seem to be. It's good to talk about it and I'm keen to try out different techniques of dealing with a contrary character - is it best just to leave them to it, and let them come around in their own time?



  1. Yep, it is a phase, which I realise doesn't help you right now! I tend to reaffirm my son's wishes several times over and then stick with what he's asked for, regardless of shouting - it will work eventually and the phase will pass. Or just wait it out! x

    1. Thanks Jocelyn - I'll be patient! :)


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