Tuesday 13 October 2015

Autumn picks for the home

I'm a lot like a hedgehog. Sometimes prickly on the outside (I don't mean to be), but soft in the centre and a natural hibernator. Come autumn, it's all about blankets, candles, snuggly jumpers, fingerless gloves and cosy nights in.

So, when I saw the little fella above, I couldn't resist. It's a gorgeous and sweet cushion from Asda that was £8 but I got it in the sale for £4. Every time I'd go in store, I'd see this cushion and smile so I had to bring it home and it's added a seasonal touch to our home.

There's quite a few things that have caught my eye at Asda recently, to be honest. I've always been a fan of their on-trend but affordable home range and the collection the above cushion is from is particularly lovely.

Here are some of my other favourite items I've spotted:

Source: all images from George Home

We've bought the bedding shown bottom right - it looks great with our modern rustic bedroom theme - and there's also a lovely china box with this print on that's also gone into the sale for £7 I believe.

I love the quirkiness of the ruler picture frame and the whimsy of the chalkboard globe. The copper rocket is a fun way to get in on the copper trend and the alphabet candles (there's candle plates too) are a really nice idea to add a touch of personalisation to a room - and for just £2 per candle.

What bits and pieces have you seen for the home this autumn?



  1. That cushion is so cute! I love hedgehogs :)

    1. Me too! I created a hedgehog club when I was younger (I was an only child, and the only member of the club #sob).

  2. I love that bedding, looks so cosy. Might need a trip to Asda now! x

    1. Do! I think Brummy Mummy has it too - only £14 for the King Size :) It's so lovely, want to get the china jewellery box too.


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