Monday 30 November 2015

#MeAndMine November 2015

Just in time to call it a November family photo and what a lovely bunch we are...

Our family pics are more often snaps on the phone as Ethan fidgets too much and there's always one of us behind the camera.

I'd love to have some family snaps like those Mummy Daddy Me or Bump to Baby take each month (one day...) but for now, I'll make do with a few selfies before bedtime.

When I'm wearing my fluffy, oh so flattering PJ top, and hubs is pulling funny faces and Ethan's avoiding having to go to bed.

This is us on a typical night. Singing Christmas songs, playing the tickle game and taking it turns to read stories.

We're pretending to be dinosaurs in the last one, by the way.


1 comment

  1. Ah, see I love these. Your family photos should represent you and these do exactly that! They're so fun and they show off your personalities as well as what life typically looks like for you! :) xx


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