Tuesday 1 December 2015

Book advent calendar

Although we have an advent calendar (one I made and love to display each year), I want to do something a bit different this year.

I saw a few people sharing this idea on Instagram and Facebook and thought it was lovely. 24 days in December, leading up to Christmas. A book for every bedtime.

Such a simple idea but a great one that gives more than just a chocolate treat. 

I realised that I'd already collected several books for Ethan this year. I'd bought a couple a of Julia Donaldson's books that he doesn't already have, a Mr Tumble mini library, a Thomas the Tank Engine book with torch and a Christmas fuzzy felt book to name a few. I was half way there without trying!

I've had a flick through Ethan's book collection and there's a few we haven't got around to reading yet, plus we've just had two lovely #BookBuddies titles from Parragon; Jingle Jingle Little Reindeer, a finger puppet book that I know Ethan will love as he's always liked these types of books, and a nice version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (thank you Parragon!).

The latter we will read on Christmas Eve but as for the rest, I've put them all into a Christmas sack and will ask Ethan to pick a book each night to read.

I'm not sure how successful we will be in getting him to choose anything other than The Gruffalo or A Squash and a Squeeze to read before bed but we will give it a go!

It's a really simple idea and you don't have to spend a lot. You could just look at what you have already but haven't yet read together, or you could read a short story from a Christmas treasury instead.

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