Wednesday 2 December 2015

Souper Ideas

As the nights draw in and a chill fills the air, the perfect warming dish is often a bowl of soup. 

It's a really convenient option for work too, as you can just take a can in with you and heat it up in minutes. Simple, a cheap option and filling too.

I really enjoy a good soup and Ethan does too - he likes to get his bread super soggy first!

Sometimes though, I think a humble bowl of soup needs a helping hand. Just something on the side to make it into more of a meal. To add to the flavour. To mop up the leftovers. 

So, whilst I always have a can in my drawer at work and one or two in the kitchen cupboard at home, for emergencies, Crosse & Blackwell asked what my ideas would be to make my humble bowl of soup more appealing or to make it into a tasty supper or even starter when having friends or family over for dinner.

You can't beat a bowl of cream of tomato soup can you? It's the best flavour really, but it needs something on the side if you ask me. 

* Try half a cheese sandwich - cut into soldiers if you're giving to your little one.

* Or make a cheese toastie with red or spring onions.

* If mushroom soup is your thing, you could make some Welsh rarebit, and add a dash of Worcester sauce or a thin spread of French or wholegrain mustard for a tangy edge.

* I really liked the C&B Chicken and Sweetcorn Chowder for something different. It's a different flavour and all you need is a nice bread roll or a couple or cream crackers to make it into a really substatial meal.

* I've been really impressed by Aldi of late and think their bakery selection is great. A sliced, toasted bagel or olive bread roll is a nice addition to a bowl of vegetable or chicken soup and I also picked up some sharing focaccia breads, one rosemary and one red onion, for less than a £1 each so a great choice to tear and share if you're enjoying soup as a family.

* I like a twist on a classic and with something like red pepper and tomato, a serving of sweet potato fries is perfect. You can make your own easily with a few squirts of Olive Oil spray and a thinly sliced sweet potato, baked for 30mins or so.

* A cheese twist goes well with most soups, and you can make your own with ready to roll pastry cut, twisted and filled with grated cheese and some herbs or cubed bacon, baked in the oven for 10 minutes. Add sundried tomatoes if you're feeling posh!

* Prawn crackers and noodle soup - simple but de-lish!

* Make your own croutons with a crusty loaf, a dab of olive oil and a quick blast in a hot oven. The only thing you need for something like broccoli and Stilton, which has such a strong flavour already.

What's you're favourite soup? And how do you make the most of it?


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