Wednesday 16 December 2015

#TBT - Sonshine

It makes us happy. 
It shines light on the dark. 
It warms our faces and our hearts.

It's not always in sight.
And sometimes seems so far away.
Never far from our thoughts.
And present in every way.

You to me are like sunshine.
You make everything worthwhile.
You are my strength and my reason.
All you have to do is smile.

The beauty of a young boy.
Who looks at you and calls you 'Mum'.
Isn't anything you can hold in your hands.
I am so proud to call you Son.

My sonshine.
Shining brightly every day.
My love for you glows from within.
And it will never, ever fade.

Thank you for showing me.
How good this life can be.
Always keep on shining.
And be the brightest thing to see.

Throwback Thursday - sharing past posts, to enjoy again


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