Friday 29 January 2016

Life & Loves Lately #2

What can I say, it's already been a busy 2016 so after my first life and loves lately post of this year, I'm back with another, to share what we've been up to and things I'm enjoying right now...

I've long-read the hilariously frank posts of Kirsty Smith, aka Eeh Bah Mum, and jumped at the chance to read her first book, 'How To Have A Baby and Not Lose Your Sh*t' (£6.99 Kindle, £9.99 paperback).

Kirsty has a unique voice and her take on motherhood is honest, challenging and gives you a warm arm around the shoulder as you read - to say, it's ok, we've all been there. You'll be fine.

In her own words, she writes about the funny side of life and this really is a funny, friendly book that doesn't take things too seriously.

One of my favourite quotes from the book is this: "Stick the skinny jeans in the loft and make the most of those precious moments because you've actually already enrolled yourself in nature's boot camp. In no time at all you'll be squating, lifting and running after a toddler. Then you will really look like a mum. Nothing says 'mum' more than squawking 'Put that down now!' whilst wrestling a dirty flip flop out of a two-year-old's mouth."

If you have a pregnant friend, buy her this. Or if you're a new mum, pop one in your change bag to help you get through those night feeds - it'll surely make you smile.

Can we all just stop for a second and admire this leather beauty? I had to. It's Cath, it's new season and it's just beautiful.

All the reason needed.

Speaking of beauty, I've been taking LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care supplements since the Christmas break (priced £29.99 for 10 x 50ml bottles). I was introduced to them and was keen to go for a 20 day trial to see if these super shots, packed full of skin-loving ingredients like zinc, vitamin A, Aloe Vera, marine collagen... and plenty more, could help my skin.

I've needed a boost (and a good skincare routine too) and with my psoriasis still being quite aggressive, I was desperate to try anything to help.

Whilst the latter hasn't really improved, I do feel like my skin and hair has been more 'naturally glossy' of late.

I'm all for trying things out and seeing if they work for you, and supplements like LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care can really work for some people. These are easy to take - just a couple of gulps and they're gone, and they don't taste to bad - and there's lots of good things to benefit you.

I was glad to have trialled these and if you want to know more, visit here.

Meanwhile, Ethan's been enjoying some new snacks.

He's really on a growth, or hunger, spurt at the moment, always saying he's hungry even after polishing off a couple of bowls of cereal or eating all his dinner. He's always been one for snacks too, but I'm conscious of what we give him, and trying to be mindful of this habit too.

We were sent some samples of the new Super Yummies range from Cow and Gate. It includes breadsticks, rice cakes, pouches and slices and pieces too in a range of flavours, and I'm not going to lie, I tried some for myself. Am I the only mum who does this?!

The rice cakes were Ethan's favourite, hands down - the pear and berries one in particular - whilst I was quite partial to the strawberry and yoghurt pieces that Ethan left behind (nom!).

There's sweet and savoury options to suit little taste buds from 12 months upwards and I'll be looking out for these next time I go food shopping. 

This past week, I decided to change things up a bit and dyed my hair an auburn / golden brown ombre kind of tone. I love being a red head but it can fade easily and I wanted something a bit lighter and brighter.

I also went along to a club member's event at The Body Shop one evening, to see what was new - namely, the Drops of Youth collection - and may have treated myself to an Oils of Life facial oil. 

Finally, it was hubs' birthday on Wednesday so we had the day off together. We ate pancakes, we shopped (and ended up buying things mainly for Ethan, standard) and we went to the cinema to see The Hateful Eight (long film, dialogue heavy, one for die-hard Tarantino fans). We also went out for a meal with family and Ethan got to wear his new superhero shirt from Next, and the blazer we bought him from H&M for a wedding late last year.

Doesn't he look smart?

This weekend, I need to stock up on some essentials. Aldi currently has a baby and toddler event on so I'll be popping in to get some essentials and save some pennies too.

We're keen to properly start potty training, so need to get some Mamia training pants to help us get going - stay tuned for updates, and any tips or advice most welcome!.

We're then off to West Midlands Safari Park to see the lions, dinosaurs and everything else. Packed lunches in the car and a day out - can't wait!

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