Saturday 30 January 2016

Living Arrows #4 / 52 - pirates!

With the longest wait until pay day in history, we've been hibernating at home most evenings and weekends and to be honest, it's suited us really well.

Ethan is really getting into role playing at the moment and we're making sure he's getting plenty of use out of all the toys he has, stuffed in boxes here and stacked in piles there.

He's recently discovered pirates - including the Ardman film, Muppets Treasure Island, Swashbuckle on Cbeebies and Jake and the Neverland Pirates - and now walks around the house saying things like 'piratess life for me' and 'yo ho!'.

This week, we remembered that our lovely friends had bought him some dressing up items for Christmas, and one of the outfits was a pirate one.

Well. Our little man was quick to get changed and spent the whole day dressed like this, although by the end, he looked more like Tupac than Long-John Silver!...

I shared this in a post earlier this week, but I just love the look I captured on hubs' birthday, when little man was suited and booted...

And it may be grainy, but I love his cheeky smile in this selfie with me...



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