Thursday 25 February 2016

Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day has always been a special day for me. I have only had two proper Mother's Day's so far - although when I was expecting Ethan, bump sent me flowers and a teddy bear that's still very special to me - and I'm looking forward to my third in a couple of weeks' time.

I can only imagine they get better and better with time as little ones grow up and realise what it's all about - cue breakfast in bed made by little, enthusiastic hands - and the main thing is to spend the day together.

It's nice to do something special or different to normal and seeing as Ethan likes singing happy birthday to people, I'm hoping for a lovely day together on 6th March.

Of course, being together is all that matters, but every mama likes a gift so I thought I'd share a few ideas.

And, we all have wishlists too, right? So, I've put together a few things that have caught my eye of late.


Flowers: aren't they just the simplest gift idea, but lovely too? You don't have to spend a fortune and my favourites, particularly at this time of year, are the cheapest flowers too; daffodils, tulips and anything bright and colourful.

Chocolates: a box of chocs or other sweet treat is the perfect way of celebrating any special occasion. 

Tea: a nice mug or tea set is a lovely gift idea, and could even be a nice trip out for the day itself.

Stationery: any excuse in my book, but a nice notebook, pen or notecard set is a really thoughtful gift idea.

Perfume: a lovely treat, everyone loves perfume. I'm a fan of The Body Shop fragrances, for high street options, and the Japanese Cherry Blossom is a beautiful scent.

Hand cream: a bit of a mum-present-classic and the Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop is a-mazing - a real handbag must-have (and very much on my list).

Scarf: another typical mum gift idea, I love the new swallow print from Cath Kidston on the scarf above - versatile and perfect for spring too.

Jewellery: I wear quite a bit of jewellery and each piece means something special to me, like the Pandora ring Ethan got me for Mother's Day last year. I've just seen the necklace above in Pandora and it's just so beautiful - four hearts, joined together to make a four leaf clover.

Quirky gift: if you take selfies or shots of your family as often as I do, a selfie stick would be quite handy to have indeed.

Say it with a t-shirt: I really want to join the 'Mother' jumper bandwagon. I love the simplicity of these jumpers and tees from Selfish Mother and how wearable they are. I like the baseball style top and the scoop neck sweatshirts, like the coral and gold version pictured above and the simple grey with pink text version too, plus the new 'Winging It' design is delightfully tongue-in-cheek. I also came across The Dandy Kid and their fun slogan jumpers, with School Runnings (and Breaking Dad) being my particular favourites. Definitely fun choices for cool mamas.

There's a few other gifts I'm sure we wouldn't all mind receiving that don't cost anything; a lie in, a bubble bath in peace, a hot cup of tea... am I right?!


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