Friday 26 February 2016

Spring lips

Who else is loving the lighter mornings, evenings and general brighter feel to the days at the moment? It may be chilly but the first signs of spring are starting to pop up and I'm ready to wriggle out of winter (it feels like the longest winter, don't you think?).

Along with adding a few lighter and brighter touches to our home, I'm feeling the need to brighten up my make up too. I shared my new found make up love, Stila, last week, including their fresh new cream blush and this and a new skincare regime plus the Stila one step colour correct base are all helping me look fresher faced.

Well, being a lipstick lover, I've just added a couple of new shades to my collection which I just had to share. Because they are pretty, they have pretty good staying power and because they don't cost a pretty penny, at less than £3 each.

Remember that make up brand of our youth, Collection 2000? It's just Collection now (yes, it's been around THAT long!) and to be honest, I wouldn't normally take a look - not being snobby, I just know what kind of brands work for me at my not-so-teenager-any-more age.

But Collection caught my eye a couple of weeks ago when I was doing my food shop and I've fallen a little bit in love.

First up, I bought the Rose Wood and Taffeta Bloom.

Rose Wood (left) is a lovely nude shade that's really warm and versatile. Great for a low key day. Taffeta Bloom is a dusky rose colour that's very matt in the lips and again, a good day time choice.

And then there's also Pretty In Peach (above) which is a really nice shade of peachy pink/red that's light, has a nice sheen and is a softer alternative to a red lip for the new season.

Then these beauties are from the new Field Day range. And they are just a lovely breath of fresh spring air. 

Pink Rose (left) is a vibrant pink, Tulip (middle) a gorgeous peach/coral and Fuscia (right) a vibrant rich pink.

These swatches are really true to the finish you can expect.All three are matt, keeping the look pretty and not too in your face.

Pink Rose.


They're all less than £3 and for that price, I am really impressed by the fresh shades, soft feel and quality colour and finish.

Well worth checking out this spring.


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