Saturday 27 February 2016

The Best Colours for a Shabby Chic Bedroom

I have always loved home d├ęcor and regularly read interiors magazines and browse Pinterest for ideas and just because I like looking at beautiful homes.

I'm not sure how I would describe the style of our house - eclectic, bright, just like 'us' - but think the most common theme or trend that appeals to me is shabby chic.

It's something that's been around for ages and a look that various people I know and blogs I follow emulate.

It's like having a touch of vintage but without being too far into one style.

It works in most homes too and looks great in living spaces - we have a Welsh dresser I love that's painted in Annie Sloan chalk paint, and a bureau with tons of personality - and the bedroom too; think elegant dressing tables and glass perfume bottles.

It can be hard to agree on a colour for the bedroom, as shabby chic is quite feminine and I just love shades of lavender, powder blue and sage green. But getting your other half to agree with your shabby chic furniture vision (this site is great for inspiration) can be a challenge!

In decorating our home over the years, and reading all the experts' advice, when it comes to choosing the right colours for a space there are many things to think about. 

Consider looking at a range of factors that can enhance your particular space from light to existing furniture – colours have the power to make a space feel larger or smaller, and in the bedroom, will set the mood when you wake up.

This is the safest, all-purpose option. White is neutral, so almost any colour will go well with your walls. White is light and free from commitment, as it can be changed or complimented easily and suits most people's tastes. White is also very good at distributing natural light evenly around the room, so your space will feel bigger; that's why we opted for white the last time we decorated our bedroom.

Technically, I know that this isn't really a colour but it can work really well, for a modern twist on shabby chic. There's no doubt that black stands out, and it's a bold statement but combine with a statement or antique style mirror and your bedroom will be more a boudoir. 

Baby Blues
Baby or soft blue is a bright and graceful colour option. Painting your living room baby blue can make the room feel cooler (we used to have this ourselves) but this can work well in the bedroom, and it all depends on shade and tone. Blue is also a light tone, and just as with white, baby blue can make small spaces feel larger. You could opt for painting your bathroom walls this colour, and bringing shabby chic through with your accessories - it really sets the scene for a bright and breezy bathroom space.

If you're a fan of the this vintage look, you could also choose colours that make your furniture stand out - like we have a vibrant red in the alcoves of our dining room to provide a bold backdrop to our shabby chic items.

Consider colours for the mood they evoke, but generally try and keep things as simple as possible. Less is often more - something I am agreeing with more and more - and the more neutral you go the more decorating freedom you have.

The next project we will be taking on is our hallway and we are leaning towards white and soft grey with pops of colour.

Watch this space for further updates on our home deco updates!


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