Monday 29 February 2016

Life & Loves Lately #4

These past couple of weeks, I've had a few sniffles that haven't really developed into a full blown cold but keep coming back for a day or so.

It's been quite busy at home and work and with a few exciting things coming up this year, not least two weddings of our best friends just four days apart in the summer, we are busy making plans.

Speaking of which, did you see my planner post, written with Emma from Summerfield Cottage and Us? It seemed to get quite a few people excited and we realised how many planner addicts are out there. So, we are thinking of starting a linky - watch this space!

There's quite a few things I've been enjoying recently. I've stepped up my skincare routine, as I'm really noticing if I miss a step and I have a touch of dry skin / possible psoriasis flare up around my nose that I've been trying to treat. Every morning and night after cleansing and before moisturiser I've been using The Body Shop Oils of Life facial oil. It feels lovely on the skin and absorbs well and after a month of using this, I have seen a really improvement to the texture and tone of my skin and the flare up has pretty much faded away.

I've also been using a new therapeutic skincare cream called Hope's Relief, developed in Australia and priced around £15.99, and have kept this in my handbag or in Ethan's change bag as it's great for all sensitive skins. Ethan has some dry patches, on his back, and a few little bumps that come up on his arms that he notices and can scratch at.

I've been using this cream as it's perfect for those who have dry skin, eczema or psoriasis like me and it's got lots of gentle skin loving things in it and nothing harsh like steroids. One to carry with me just in case!

I've been trying to tackle my psoriasis vigorously of late and will be sharing the progress I've made and what's been helping soon.

I'm keen to get back into a healthier eating routine again. I've been feeling tired a lot lately and have lacked a bit of enthusiasm when it comes to cooking, particularly at the end of a long working day. Hubs and I are giving the Nutribuddy programme a go starting today, to see if this can helps us kick start some new habits so I'll be sharing how we get on soon.

I'm quite a saucy person, when it comes to food that is, and we've been enjoying the new range of Jack Daniels sauces. I love mayo a little too much and could out Frank's Hot Buffalo Sauce on anything, and now these JD sauces are cupboard staples.

Hubs loves the drink, as do I now, and these sauces have a subtle hint with the habanero version being hubs' favourite whilst I really like the honey one. They're thick and sticky and we've had them with everything from jacket potatoes to glazing tuna steaks and alongside roast chicken.

We've also been enjoying our weekend mornings together with breakfast in bed. The idea of breakfast in bed just feels so indulgent, doesn't it? The reality is actually a fidgety toddler, an iPad on the go and trying not to spill tea or crumbs all over the bed. With our health kick starting, I've opted for half sugar marmalade from Duerr's - it tastes just the same, it feels like the perfect start to spring mornings and Ethan likes it too because it's Paddington's choice sandwich spread!

Speaking of spring, I've got bunches of daffodils everywhere, brighter lip shades and nail colours on the go and I'm just really looking forward to every bring being lighter soon. I'm excited for Mother's Day too (see some of my gift ideas here) and can't wait to share it with my special little guy.


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