Tuesday 1 March 2016

Me & Mine #2 February

So, February has been and gone (cliché, but honestly it flew!) and looking back, we really did quite a bit together as our little family.

February really was a family month all about us three.

We've had weekends together at home, just relaxing, enjoying playing together or clearing out Ethan's playroom so he has another space for all his toys, and a change of scenery to playing in the lounge.

We've had fun baking, we've been to the Sea Life Centre and the weekend just gone, we went to Thomas Land (post coming soon). He had such a good time, going off to the land of dreams saying 'Mummy? We went to Thomas Land and saw Gordon, Percy and James. I'm happy."

For a change, we've actually remembered to take a few snaps as the month has gone on of the three of us, and have asked people when we are out to take a photo for us too.

These are no means perfect, and Ethan gets less keen on posing for the camera as you scroll down, but this is us, as we are, right now. With a toddler who goes from cuddles to tantrums at the drop of a hat. With a balance between things to look forward to and quality time together.

This is my little family, right now.


Our 2016 so far:

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