Saturday 6 February 2016

#ImpossibleExperiences - Harry Potter Studios, DisneyLand, Dinosaurs...

I've never been a particularly adventurous type - I much prefer planned, safe activities with my two feet on the ground - but I am trying to be more relaxed and spontaneous now and again.

That said, there's still many things I would like to try, or dream of doing, however crazy or impossible they seem. And having seen a competition from experience gifts company Into the Blue, asking for people to share their own ideas for #ImpossibleExperiences to have the chance of winning a £200 gift voucher, I thought why not give it a go and share what we would all choose in our family...

Me: As I say, I've never been much of an adrenalin junky. Skydiving, not on your life! Bungee jumping, hell no! For me, the kind of impossible experience I'd enjoy would be something much safer but still extremely exciting.

For instance, a visit to Cath Kidston HQ, to see behind the scenes and perhaps even be a print designer for a day. How amazing would that be?

Or enrolling at Hogwarts, having the sorting hat decide which house I should be in (Gryffindor, obvs) and learning to play Quidditch with Harry and co. 

Both seem like pretty impossible experience ideas to me, but oh how I would love to do them. Somebody make it so!

Ste: Two things I’ve always wanted to do are a skydive and cage diving with sharks, so why not combine the two into one daring, death-defying extravaganza?! 

My impossible experience would be to jump out of the plane in full scuba gear, free-fall for a bit as I wondered why the hell I’d agreed to it, or why I’d come up with such a stupid idea in the first place, before opening my ‘chute and gliding gracefully into the top of an open cage out in the ocean, surrounded by Great White Sharks, which are majestic, beautiful and misunderstood creatures (unless of course I missed the cage and they ate me, in which case they’re utter, utter b******s).

Ethan: I'd like to join the Muppets, like Walter in the movie. And go on adventures with Kermit and his crew in Muppets Treasure Island. Ooooh, become a pirate for the day - that would be cool, and Daddy would like that too!

Or be a toy tester for Happyland, and come up with some cool new ideas for play sets and characters. I could even create one that looks like me!

It would be quite an impossible experience for me to become a lion trainer - they're one of my most favourite animals, and it would be incredible to teach them tricks and to join the circus.

Or, perhaps the most incredible experience of all would be to travel back in time to see real life dinosaurs. I am a little dino-mad and it would be amazing to see dinosaurs up close, and perhaps even take a ride on one.

As a family: it would be amazing to be a part of the Disneyland parade. We're all HUGE Disney fans and I think I'd make quite a good princess, Ste a prince and Ethan a fun and loveable sidekick. Now that would be a holiday to remember!

Disney parade at Disneyland Paris - To Become Mum


So, that's what we would do if we could have one of our #ImpossibleExperiences come to life.

But what would you choose?

Share your own #ImpossibleExperiences with Into the Blue before midnight on the 29th February 2016, and they will share your idea and put you into a draw to win a £200 gift voucher to have an experience of your choosing - from their range of real life, possible experiences! Find out more here on how to enter; there's going to be at least three winners and their ideas will also be turned into reality, so it's really worth getting involved. Be sure to post your ideas on social media, using the hashtag #ImpossibleExperiences, to be in with a chance of winning.

Let me know below if / what idea you enter too!


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