Tuesday 22 March 2016

Smoothies to go

I'm a big fan of juices and smoothies and have created a few of my own personal favourite recipes. I love how you can pack to many good things into one glass and you're all set.

Trouble is, juicing at home can be messy. And time consuming.

Now that spring has sprung, I'm keen to get back into my juicing but I know what I'm like - with a busy working week, I get around to being prepared once or twice at the start of the week, then I just get lazy and run out of time to get everything sorted and all three of us out the door.

In steps Love Smoothies.

I saw these at a local deli and was then personally introduced to these fruit and veg packed pouches at home.

Each pouch has the right mix of ingredients to make a nutritional smoothie in an instant, as you just take it straight from the freezer, add 500ml apple juice, blend for 30 seconds then drink.


We were kindly sent a selection of flavours - all of which have a mix of fruit and veg, and fun names too like Son Of A Peach and Berry Go Round - and we quickly whizzed a Broccoli and the Beast up for all three of us to try.

From the first go, we had to add some extra juice as our blender blades stopped rotating. The top advice for this is to add more juice - we used apple juice but coconut water or any other liquid would also work fine.

But once everything was blended, it was good to go and all three of us were fans from the first sip.

My tip is to use a straw, otherwise the mixture will stay quite frozen for a while.

Available to buy online, in multipack boxes - I have my eye on Flu Fighter and Ginger Ninja next - you can also get these from Ocado for £4.79 for five 140ml pouches, and Sainsbury's too I believe. Having juiced at home myself many a time, I think this is great value and such an easy option too.

I am a fast fan of these and may just have to switch where I shop so I can keep my freezer topped up with these smoothie stars.



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