Wednesday 23 March 2016

Giving healthy habits a kick-start with Nutribuddy

Three months into the new year, and how many of us are still going strong on the resolution front? Be honest…

I’ve been quite good with the resolutions I made – or rather my aim to make rememberlutions - 

Although, I'll admit, I did indulge in the Easter bake sale at work. It was for charity. And it would have been rude not to.

For me, I always need something to give me a push in the right direction. I know what I need to do to eat better - plan more, always have key fresh ingredients in, add variety but don't go overboard as I won't stick to anything if I can't have something to take care of cravings now and then.

A life without chocolate is a life not worth living!

However, I was certainly in a rut and that's why I decided to give things a real kick-start - with help from Nutribuddy.

For the past couple of weeks, hubs and I have been trying to follow the Weight Loss Starter Kit programme. It combines three of their core products -  Sculpting Whey, Hunger Fix and Multivitamins - to create a pack that should give you a great start to losing weight, however you choose to go about it. It also gives you a saving of £10 if you'd bought all the items separately and you get a branded shaker too included, so you're good to go.

Scantily clad women in the advertising aside, I do like the whole ethos of Nutribuddy and the Little Book of Weightloss was supportive in tone and made me feel good about starting my trial. The right balance of information without being pushy.

The idea is to use the Sculpting Whey (£34.99 by itself for a month's supply) to make a shake to enjoy when you start to feel hungry, or as a meal replacement if you so wish. It contains whey protein, green tea, guarana and chromium, to curb your appetite, speed up your metabolism and provide a high does of protein.

Naturally, I chose the chocolate option and I'd recommend milk rather than water, which you can choose to use instead. It's not overly chocolatey and it's not very thick when mixed but it does have the sweet taste you need and I've found drinking these shakes really easy and effective too. I haven't had one every day, as I have been full from the rest of my diet but think it's easy to add this into your routine.

The Hunger Fix tablets (£24.99 for 90, so a month's worth) are what I've found to make a real noticeable different to how I feel during the day. You take one or two 15-60 minutes before each of your three main meals and it works to make you feel fuller, stopping you from over eating or too much snacking (something I find harder during the working day).

I'm not an expert, so here's what Nutribuddy say about their Hunger Fix tablets:

I can help you by keeping your hunger cravings at bay, making you feel fuller for longer. You are therefore less likely to snack on unhealthy chocolate bars and eat large food portions. This can lead to weight loss! 

My key ingredient is Glucomannan which comes from the root of the Konjac plant. Glucomannan is a natural ingredient which takes up space in your stomach and makes you feel full, therefore making you eat less. Glucomannan is also able to delay the emptying of your stomach which contributes to the feeling of fullness.

Glucomannan has a very low calorie content. It also reduces the absorption of protein and fat. Other health benefits of Hunger fix’s key ingredient include maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels.

I'd certainly keep up with these as they have helped me break some bad habits.

The Multivitamins (£15.99 for 30, take one a day) then make sure you get lots of good nutrients and I think even if you are eating well, it can't hurt to supplement your diet.

So, how have we both got on?

Well, when I'm good and I can be very good and this usually happens when I've planned ahead and prepared for the day the night before. I've been making sure that a) we eat breakfast (another challenge for us both) and b) it's a good breakfast (a home-made smoothie or greek yoghurt and fruit generally - see some of my other breakfast ideas here). I've made lunches too, using leftovers from meals (to reduce on wastage) or throwing together a salad with what we have.

The Nutribuddy kit has been easy to add into this routine and I do feel that it's helped us focus and really think about what we have been eating, with the shakes filling the snack gap and the Hunger Fix pills keeping us going for longer.

Weigh in wise, I can't say for sure as our scales have failed on us and I haven't been able to get a digital reading, but I think there's been a difference, at least in how we feel / what we have noticed. And I'd definitely say my husband looks leaner too.

We're going to keep on with the programme because we know it can work - it's just about having the right attitude.

I'm not a slave to any diet but I do want to take better care of myself, more often. For me, starting something like this has to be part of your lifestyle. You're great just the way you are, but if losing a bit of weight makes you feel better - particularly in terms of health - then that's great, and of course, you should go for it.

And doing it with a buddy will undoubtedly make it a lot easier too.

* Nutribuddy provided me with a starter kit but all thoughts are my own, you can always count on that! 


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