Tuesday 19 April 2016

In pen heaven

Next week is National Stationery Week and you've probably seen that I've been getting prepared for a week of stationery geekery - any excuse for new paper and pens, right?!

There's lots of ways to get involved (see below for the 'seven days of stationery' social posts you can join in with) and I've also seen a great competition from Pen Heaven.

As the name suggests, if you like putting pen to paper, you've come to the right place.

Offering a wide range of writing paraphernalia, including pens and leather journals, brands such as Parker, Cross and Lamy and offering in-house engraving and embossing, Pen Heaven is celebrating National Stationery Week 2016 by offering a £150 hamper to the UK's biggest fountain pen fanatic or stationery hoarder.

Hands up who has a slight addiction to papery goodness...!

In their words, "Whether born from a love of childhood memories, where collecting rubbers, pens and cases were as much a part of daily schooling as the lessons themselves, or founded later in life when the desire to write in pen and ink became too overwhelming, Pen Heaven want to hear from stationery enthusiasts big and small!

Addicted to cursive and obsessed with the humble pen and paper, Pen Heaven invite devotees to tell them why they relish over the comforts of their perfect pens, the smooth leather of notebooks and how some items (like your first fountain pen) have true sentimental value. 

All you have to do is share images of your stationery collection in all its glory and complete the sentence ‘I love stationery because…’ to enter the competition and to join the campaign to keep handwriting alive.

Oh, what I would spend the prize on...

I have a brand new pen to hand and have already thought about writing notes to my friends, rather than just sending a text message.

It's this beaut of a fountain pen and it's a real, real treat. I remember buying my first fountain pen when I was about to start secondary school. I felt so grown up and I loved using it; buying the ink cartridges and practising my neat writing.

Well, I never did perfect perfect handwriting but I still like doing it regardless, and it's nice to have a special pen any way.

The Pen Heaven competition closes on 1st May 2016. To enter, send an email to info@penheaven.co.uk or tweet @pen_heaven using #ILoveStationery.

If you're keen to take part in National Stationery Week at all, be sure to follow the hashtag #NatStatWeek.

* I was sent the pen as a gift from Pen Heaven, but all sloppy handwriting is my own.

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