Wednesday 20 April 2016

Our spring home

Spring has well and truly sprung and it's given me a real boost in terms of mood but also in clearing the clutter from our home and welcoming the brighter, lighter days.

It's all been about instant updates, clearing shelves, fresh new touches and daffodils. Lots of daffodils. They just look like sunshine and make me so happy. Not bad for just £1 a bunch.

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll have spotted a few new touches here and there. Something about the new season makes me want to shrug off the old and bring in the new.

My tidy stationery nook - including this super cute mini shopping basket, Asda, £3
I've been picking up bits and bobs as I've seen them, not really looking for anything specific, and can highly recommend a trip to Primark, Wilkos, Dunelm and George At Asda in particular if you want some inspiration on a budget.

Wooden tray from Asda, £6
I'm also a little obsessed with milk bottles and jam jar style glasses at the moment...

Milk bottle set with straws and crate, Asda, £10

And I'm all about the fresh candles too...

Primark has a great selection of stylish candles right now

Aside from a vase of flowers here, a cleared shelf there, we're working on a lounge makeover. It all focuses on one wall in the main.

Oh how this photo makes me cringe

We have this awful, old gas fire and stone brick surround and after nearly 10 years of putting up with it, we've had enough and we're having it all taken out. The wall will then need plastering and while we are at it, we've decided to replace the wall light and add another to the same wall, to brighten things up - these lights from B&Q are the ones I'm thinking of.

Our plan is to then move our Expedit entertainment unit (it's called Kallax now at IKEA) onto this wall, with our two smaller two by two square Kallax units either side. This will change the layout of our living room and will put all the storage and focus on one wall, freeing up the length of the room for lounging and just general space.

I'm thinking of going for a lovely shade of yellow on that wall, so it flashes through the units, and I'm rather taken with Bumble Bee from Wilkos paints. I love yellow (hence my main blog colour) and I want the room to feel bright and friendly. We may change our minds, and go for a very light, soft grey and then have yellow accents - I'm not sure. I want the room to feel bright but worry about being too bold - or too bland. Thoughts??

Then, it's operation hallway. I want to make the hall, stairs and landing a brighter space (can you sense a theme?) with white on the top half of the walls, above the dado rail, and a soft grey on the lower half. I'm going to take down, rearrange and rehang what's on the walls - adding these carnival lights from Next (one letter for each of us) to add a fun edge plus the banners shown at the top of this post (£2 each, Primark) and some square photos and polaroids I've had printed. I may need to use a Bosch measuring and levelling tool to get this just right! I'm thinking of creating a 'washing line' of photos going up the stairs, fixing photos with wooden pegs...

This shouldn't be too hard to do or take too long, but will make a big difference. The bigger job is the stairs themselves, as Ste removed our old, worn carpet and we plan to paint the treads grey and the risers white.

I'm still looking for a fun wall sticker motif or decoration idea for the risers, so let me know if you spot something suitable or have done something similar with your own staircase.

Displaying my Mr Fox collection
A tidy bureau is a tidy mind!
So, that's a look inside our spring home. I'd love to hear about your spring home projects, particularly in the lead up to the long weekends - Bank Holidays were meant for DIY!


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  1. You have some gorgeous bits and pieces in your house! I love the light box with letters, I'm hoping for one for my birthday this year! We recently decorated our kitchen which was well overdue, the dark red walls were replaced with a lovely light cream colour which really brightens it up, now I'm on the look out for a cool wall clock. We're hoping to do our dining room next, more dark red walls which need to go!


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