Saturday 11 June 2016

A thortful card to remember for Father's Day

In case you've been swept up in the Euro 2016 kick off or the Queen's birthday celebrations, Father's Day is NEXT WEEKEND. 

No matter how early you start thinking about it or when you put the date in your diary, occasions such as this always seem to creep up on you.

And the one thing I'm most likely to forget until the last minute is cards.

I love making cards or designing a photo card to surprise my friends and family - and love seeing their faces when they receive it - and there's a quick, new and fun way to send a memorable card this Father's Day.

thortful, who describe themselves as the UK’s most thoughtful card company, have created an app which uploads images of special, handwritten messages or pieces of art your children make to any of their specially designed Father’s Day cards. It's such a simple idea but adds a really personal touch - the message can even be downloaded onto the front of the card. Your partner or Dad will cherish your child’s handwritten message for many years to come for sure.

As soon as I heard about the app, I wanted to give it a go. The idea of quickly downloading an app and getting a unique card made is great if you're busy, or likely to forget the card altogether!

At the age of three, Ethan's only just learning to make marks and although he can identify letters, it's a bit too soon to expect a full message to Daddy! But we have it a go anyway.

The easy-to-use app is perfect for older kids to write their own messages on Father’s Day. 

It just takes five easy steps:

·         Firstly download the thortful app on your tablet or phone
·         Handwrite your personal message
·         Choose your favourite card design
·         Take a picture of your message using a phone or tablet
·         Upload the message onto the card design of your choice


It only took a couple of minutes to choose a card and upload Ethan's image and I liked the choice of card designs that they offered.

As well as creating fun and unique and cards, thortful is also completely hassle-free as cards are delivered straight to their door for you to give to your loved one.

So, if you're yet to think of what card to get for your dad or partner for Father's Day this year, why not hop on your phone and give the thortful app a go? 

Now, that's another thing ticked off the list...

I have a couple of 50% off codes so if you'd like one, comment or message me quick and I can share them with you if you're quick!

* I received a code to create a card for free but regardless, I wanted to share this great idea with you and all opinions are my own, as always

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