Thursday 9 June 2016

Creating a soothing summer bedroom

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As the warmer months are upon us (hurray!), we welcome the lighter evenings, but at the same times, bedtime can become more tricky.

If you have a little one like me, getting them off to the land of nod can be harder when the sun is out for longer. No more can you say 'the sun has gone to bed now, so must you' as means of bargaining with your toddler. Oh no, they're too clever for that.

It can also be hard to keep cool, so rethinking and refreshing your bedroom is a good idea before the summer really gets going (here's hoping!).

Here's a few ideas to achieving a soothing bedroom this summer:

Fresh sheets - now's a good time to treat yourself to some higher, brighter bedding. Soft cotton sheets will help you to stay cool in bed and why not see in the new season with a bright new print. Tropical prints are very popular right now - think florals, pineapples and even flamingos - and will brighten up even the darkest of bedrooms.

I am really loving this Geometric Floral Island Way bedding design from George At Asda - ticking the boxes for two trends and promising to update your bedroom in a floral flash! The parrot print is also super fun.

You may also need to change your sheets more often when it's warmer, so buy a couple of spares so you never go without.

I LOVE this bedding!

Curtains and blackout blinds - if you can't nod off when it's still so light outside, or your children use this as an excuse for reading just one more story, invest in a black out blind or dark or lined curtains - they will really make the difference. We have layered our windows so that we can let the right amount of light in, or keep it out altogether, as well as enhancing privacy by having blinds plus darker curtains in a heavier fabric. 

If you go the curtain route, don't forget cheap tie-backs from Yorkshire Linen - these not only perform a practical function, keeping your drapes pulled away during the day to make the most of natural light, but they're also a decorative finishing touch. For as little as £2.99 a pair, you can add an accessory to your curtains that sets them off beautifully and makes more of a feature of your window.

Plants and accessories - foliage in the boudoir is very popular right now and can work to make your space feel natural and airy. Also, why not replace heavier throws and cushions with light fabrics and bright colours, for a splash of colour or a new feel to your room. 

Blush pink can add a contemporary, feminine feel to a grey scheme whilst pops of teal and yellow are also a great choice to see in the summer.

If you're looking for inspiration, Pinterest is always a good place to start as is Instagram, but remember that your bedroom is your personal space so it should reflect your style and be somewhere you can escape and unwind at the end of a long day.

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