Wednesday 8 June 2016

Life and loves lately #7 - two hen dos and a new satchel

May was a really busy month for us. We started it off with a week off and I ended it with one too. The first week was spent redecorating our hallway and overhauling our living room altogether, as well as celebrating wee man's third birthday.

In the middle, we've had a family gathering and lots of quality time as the three of us. Ethan is such great company and can chat about anything and everything (which he does!). He seems to have grown 1.5cm in one month since his birthday too and has been going through such an affectionate stage.

There's been some challenges with his behaviour (I'll write more about this another time) but otherwise we've had such a lovely month together.

I've also celebrated two hen parties for two of my dear friends. In the middle of May, we went to Liverpool as minions by day and Audrey Hepburn types by night. 

Then, last week I went away to Benidorm with 11 other hens for four days for a hen do to remember. 

I haven't been abroad on holiday in four and a half years and that was to Disneyland Paris at Christmas so having some sun, sea and sandy beaches was long overdue. 

It all went very quickly as these things always do but our theme of Strictly Come Benidorm went down well and everyone had a great time.

Just a day before we went, I finished my job of almost 11 years. It was a big decision and the biggest change I have ever made so a real time of mixed emotions. So much had happened in the lead up to going away, I needed the break and some time to take it all in.

I'm not even sure now it has all sunk in as we still have a few busy weeks ahead of us, but I'm excited about looking forward.

I had a few days remaining when I got home before starting my new job so I made the most of our little family. Ethan had been so good while I was away and seemed OK whenever I spoke to him on the phone; he'd more often than not say "bye Mummy, I'll see you later", not comprehending where I actually was, as if I had just popped to the shops. When I had landed at the airport and Daddy told him I was on my way home right then, he got so excited he burst into tears and I was treated to some extra special smiles and attention for the next couple of days.

June and early July will be a series of alternate weekends of stag dos or hen parties, in the build up to the two big weddings, so lots more to look forward to.

In terms of things I've been loving, aside from our new look hall and lounge, there's quite a few bits and bobs I've found or tried lately. 

As one of my leaving presents, my previous work gave me vouchers towards a new Cambridge Satchel. I've had my heart set on a vintage brown 15 inch version, embossed with my initials and I am now the proud owner of one. 

I've also discovered Colour Graphics and their custom prints. I've been wanting to get some notecards made and with Ethan's birthday coming up at the time, it was a good excuse to get some printed.

Colour Graphics offered me a set of A6 greeting cards, colour printed, with a design or picture of my choice. I chose a recent photo of Ethan looking super cute and grown up and decided that this would be perfect for the face of a thank you card or note. It was easy to follow the online instructions and took no time at all to complete the order (the team were really helpful too).

They're printed on good quality card, ready to fold yourself and with envelopes provided, and have been handy to have for when Ethan has a thank you to give or just to have an excuse to write to someone.

I'm thinking some cards with my blogger header on would be useful too and I do like the idea of creating something personal. Great for birthday parties or Christmas, the ones I had would cost around £32 for 25 or £33 for 50 I believe.

You know me, any excuse for stationery!

I've also indulged in a few new beauty treats so I'll pop those up in another post soon.

Oh, and I've gone back to the red side. Only took a couple of months...! I just wasn't feeling the shade I went in-between and knew that shades of red / plum / copper are really where it's at for me. So, I'm a red mix all over again and I love it!

As I say, May was a busy month and June has started off on a good foot too. Here's to warmer weather and more fun with our family and friends.

* Thank you to Colour Graphics for sending me the personalised greetings cards - all opinions are my own.

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