Thursday 16 June 2016

Quick home update: clipboard wall display

You may have spotted our new wall display in our new look lounge already, but I wanted to share it as a separate post as I think it's a really fun idea.

I love quick update ideas, for when you have a few pennies, need a bit of a refresh or want to tap into a new trend or the style of the season. 

When planning our living room makeover, I took lots of inspiration from magazines, Instagram and Pinterest too, to look for different ideas or find examples of the ideas in my head.

One thing I had seen in a few places was about using clipboards to display items. From takeaway menus to reminders, calendars to to do lists, clipboards are a practical idea as well as looking fun when hung from a hook or on the wall as part of a display.

I ordered ours from Amazon and opted for the wood effect kind, with big chunky steel clasps. 

We then hung them, three in a row, two rows, on a white wall.

My plan is to display Ethan's artwork and things like that as time goes on but for now, we have some typography prints. I'm slightly addicted to a good quote and spent ages looking for designs of my favourite film or book quotes. I then had a look on Etsy and there's many different designers who sell prints as downloads only, so you can pay for a file that you can then print at home yourself. It's a much cheaper was of picking pieces of art and if you're supplied with a JPEG, you can even have the item printed via a photo print online shop like Snapfish or Photobox.

To add interest, I used some washi tape (I love me some washi!) to decorate the bottom edge of each clipboard, opting for copper and a grey geometric print for an on-trend finish.

I've also seen people completely cover their clipboards in a paper of their choice, which is another nice idea, if you are thinking of perhaps using the clipboards for photos or notes.

Hubs thought I was mad when I first mentioned clipboards but they really make an impact and it was so simple to pull the look together.

What do you think?


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