Tuesday 23 August 2016

A sweet way to spend a Saturday - Carex launch event at Mr Simms

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Never one to turn down an invitation, I headed to Liverpool on Saturday for a launch event for anyone with a sweet tooth.

I really like Liverpool having visited a few months ago for a hen do so it was nice to have another reason to go back. This time, Carex had invited me especially to cover the launch of their new Love Hearts hand wash at old fashioned sweet shop, Mr Simms.

There couldn't be a more fitting place really, could there?!

I've been using the hand wash myself for the past week - one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom - and can confirm that they've nailed the retro sweet scent perfectly.

When I arrived at Mr Simms on Saturday morning, the team were already in full flow and the shop was decorated with love hearts and balloons. There was a selfie station and various sweetie props to play with - so of course, I had to get involved!

Perhaps the sweetest selfies I've ever taken?!

The shop was really busy, with sweet fans young and old - and the Love Hearts hand wash proving just as popular with men as with young girls. In fact, while I was there, almost everyone who came in headed straight over to see what was with all the love hearts, and I'm sure people were filling up their pick and mix bags just to make sure they got a free hand wash (available on the day with every purchase of £3 or more).

There were some very happy people indeed.

I had the chance to speak to the Carex team about the launch and found it fascinating to learn that a new product such as Love Hearts can take around eight months to launch - from concept to creation.

Having launched the very popular Strawberry Laces last year, quickly followed by Bubble Gum, it was Love Hearts that came out as the most popular product idea with a panel, and the focus groups of testers included school children. It was through much testing and customer trialling that they got the sweet scent just so - and the colour was chosen this way too.

As parents, we all know that hand hygiene is really important and in my experience, toddlers are always sticky (sometimes, for no known reason) - so establishing a good routine is really important. Ethan's much easier to convince when there's a fun hand wash to use and knowing that it kills up to 99% of germs gives me peace of mind.

If you want to try the new Love Hearts hand wash for yourself, you can pick it up in Tescos and most other high street stores and supermarkets too.

By the end of the day, there were only bottles of Carex Love Hearts left, having given a few hundred away - and almost as many sweets were scoffed by moi...

... only kidding, sweetie darlings!


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