Wednesday 7 September 2016

Our life lately - August 2016

I may be a bit late in posting this but I want to start a monthly post, at the end of each month or thereabouts, to summarise the different things we have done, favourite photos and our main memories as a family as the months go by.

I've done this ever since I started my blog really, almost four years ago, but never with regularity so I'd like to do this now so that I can look back with ease as the months go by and see a summary of everything we did each month.

Some months there will be more to tell than others, no doubt, but I want to remember the little things too. I may also try to join in with the Me and Mine linky - if we ever get more than a wonky selfie of the three of us together!

To save these posts becoming an essay, as they easily could be, I'm going to keep things brief and then feature a snapshot of favourite photos that summarise the month that has been.

So, here's to August 2016...

* Started with a wedding of two of our best friends, where I was Maid of Honour, Ste was a groomsman and Ethan was a page boy

* Got to drive (well, ride in and pose with) my dream car - a VW Campervan - and even Ethan got behind the wheel

* Had a couple of family BBQ's / garden parties, even though the sun never came out fully

* Spent a whole weekend clearing out old toys, throwing away broken ones, putting others back together and then donating some - still had tons left though!

* Treated myself to two Cath Kidston dresses - the new book dress then the gnome dress that got away, but managed to track down on eBay

* Made a big decision to change jobs, and started my new role and new direction half way through the month - and the hubs changed jobs too, so we've both had lots to get used to

* Ethan's continued to either bury us in his toys or line them up all round the lounge

* I attended a Carex launch at Mr Simms in Liverpool as their chief blogger and went to the new Tiger Birmingham store

* Ste surprised me with lasagne cut into the shape of a heart - just because

* We went to TGI Friday's for a treat, and Ethan listened to music through headphones for the first time

* We all got a bit crafty, with me making my first bullet journal type diary and Ste helping his sister make some story spoons for her primary class

* Ethan had a go on his rocking dinosaur, and I was amazed at how much he has grown since he last used it

* I went for the chop and had my hair cut much shorter - takes less time to do now :)

* Ethan had a sports day at preschool, managed to do a number two on the potty for only the second time and really developed before our eyes - now having full conversations with us and picking up on everything we say. He doesn't forget a thing!

* My Sis-in-Law and I enjoyed a night out with Sarah Millican at Symphony Hall - the start of a new blogger partnership that I'm really excited about

August, you started with a bang and were all about quality family time at home whilst lots of new avenues were explored for work and for my blog too. A very happy month indeed.

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