Saturday 24 September 2016

To become... mum, style, home

Always one to keep playing with something, never completely satisfied, I've been making some tweaks here and there just trying to improve this little space, my social channels and have a bit of a clearer direction. My head is so muddled a lot of the time and just giving some fresh thought to who I am, what interests me and what I want to write about and share has really helped.

With Instagram being my favourite social channel, I've been keen to be more active and share, like and comment more, hoping in turn to boost my feed to somewhere nearer my Twitter following. I'm always taking photos so this space feels really natural to me and after reading all sorts of advice on how to improve your output, including this really useful post on Dolly Dowsie (thanks Fi!), I've decided to have multiple accounts.

Like I need to juggle more things, right?!

Actually, for me, it's about bringing some sense and control to things. My main Instagram account has always been for anything and everything I like or in my life and whilst I do try and focus on quality photos and thinking what kind of photo style is 'me', I appreciate that some followers follow accounts that have a strong theme. Not EVERY theme under the sun.

So, three Instagram accounts have been born and I've shifted my blog every so slightly and the new Instagram accounts reflect this.

From 'To Become Mum' - a title I still love and reflects the ongoing journey through motherhood - I have moved to just 'To Become...', the idea being it's a space for me to become anything I want, whether being mum or being me. It's still a parenting blog but it's also about finding the 'me' in mummy, and sharing my personal highs, lows and interests.

It's not a dramatic change and I will no doubt still refer to it as To Become Mum, as this what it remains focused on and what it has been about for almost four years since I began. It's just a reminder and a signpost that one label isn't enough - for my blog, for me or for any parent.

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, you can take your pick (or follow all three, if you're super nice and like a bit of everything!)...

For family, selfies, where we go and what we do...

I've always been a bit scared of style posts - what, ME, write about style?! What do I know? - but as I said in my first post earlier today, if I want to follow real people I'm sure other people do and with age, I worry less and less about what other people think. Style is about your own expression.

For interiors, food and living type pics...

It's a bit daunting to start from scratch with these new accounts but I think it'll make things easier for me in the long run and clearer for followers too. Here's hoping!

I hope you like the new focus of this little blog of mine - any feedback always appreciated :)

Kelly x



  1. I actually really like this split - completely get why you've done it too :)

    1. Thanks Lizzie, glad it makes sense and hopefully it'll work out :)

  2. Thanks for reading my post Kelly and for linking back to it here. Good luck with your new accounts, your photos are lovely :)

    1. You're welcome - thank you for the advice! :)


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