Saturday 24 September 2016

To become... style: chunky scarves & pinafore dresses

Mums often talk about having a 'mumiform' and it's true to say that most of us probably have a go-to outfit that feels comfortable and suits our day-to-day life and our own personal style.

As I've got older, I've become more comfortable in my own skin and in expressing my own style. I'm no fashionista, by any stretch, but I am a real woman and a real mum so my tastes, choices and budget reflect this. It may be the fact I've tried so many looks over the years, or the fact that it's been a very long time since I bought or read a fashion magazine; I just don't get a lot from them any more. It's either really throw away, targeted at women in their teens and twenties, for women with a purse capacity to match their designer wardrobe or for those considered 'over a certain age'. Being early thirties, with a modest budget, squidgy middle but still a strong sense of self, I do find inspiration hard to come by that matches my likes and my reach - except for on Instagram.

I decided to not let any of the above stop me from writing about style, defined within my own terms, and to share ideas and looks on here as I continue to develop a sense of self on this blog.

So, to start things off, this To Become... Style is all about my new season staples - a chunky scarf and the pinafore dress.

Or dungaree dress, depending on where you shop. I bought a pair of faded denim dungarees from Cath Kidston several months ago and love wearing them at home with a tee or long-sleeve top underneath.

They're super comfy and definitely one of my go-to options, as it's really comfortable to wear but has an actual look about it, rather than just being a non-outfit. It's also because of these that I realise I don't really care all that much about what other people may think of what I'm wearing - I'm too old now to be bothered so I'll wear what I want, if it makes me feel good.

Then, as the shops started to fill with lots of layers and textures and colours for the autumn months ahead, I saw that the pinafore / dungaree style was going to be a staple look.


So, I snapped up a medium denim pinafore dress, with brass popper buttons at the shoulders and deep pockets, as something I am sure will become a staple.

FYI - I went blonde for 5 days the other week

Again a tee, long-sleeve top / shirt or lightweight jumper, even over the top, is what I'll be going for along with tights and ankle boots.

Also from Dorothy Perkins, who seem to be THE place to go if you like this look (and to think I haven't really shopped there in years aside from their Eden jeggings - check them out), I bought a black denim style pinafore dress, then the same again in fig (one of my favourite shades for autumn).

I also spied a cord pinafore style dress and plumped for this rich red version - it's slightly retro and I love how it seems to match my hair.

I'll be wearing all these throughout the months ahead with leggings or tights plus ankle boots, or my Cath Kidston pencil pumps, and then for really cold days, I'll layer with a chunky cardigan and / or a big scarf like my new mustard super soft scarf from Accessorize (I want to get the rust red and teal shades too).

Are you a fan of scarves or the pinafore dress? How do you wear yours?


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