Thursday 29 September 2016

To become... style: my Cambridge Satchel companions

Whilst I like a good ankle boot or a funky pair of Converse, by 'thing' is more bags than shoes (probably as I have silly wide, hobbit feet and can't wear just any ol' shoe!). I LOVE bags. Crazy amounts.

When I buy a new one now, I give it plenty of thought as my bag is a big part of my look and I don't just buy anything that catches my eye any more. For me, bags fit with certain looks and occasions, so each new one has to be different to what I already have and give me a different style to work with.

I'm really liking classic designs - the kind of bag that will last and last. So whilst I don't have the budget or desire to have designer handbags, I have invested in a couple of upper high street options that I know will stand the test of time and I will love over the years,

One such bag is the satchel, from THE place to buy them - The Cambridge Satchel Company.

They came up with the original design years back and have grown and grown into such a successful business; working on the simple satchel concept. That's what makes their bags so beautiful - they stay true to the style of the humble satchel, but with a rainbow of colours, a variety of sizes and variant designs to give a new twist on the design.

I am lucky enough to have two Cambridge Satchels. One is a 13 inch fluro pink satchel (now discontinued), given as a gift for my first Mother's Day.

The other is a full size 15 inch vintage brown classic batchel, with handle, a leaving present from my old workplace, and both come complete with silver monogram embossing.

One is girly and great for day time; the other is practical, classic and hopefully will age over time  to become a real time-piece.

Do you like the satchel style? How do you wear yours?


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