Friday 30 September 2016

Our life lately - September 2016

September has been a really quick month for us - it only feels like five minutes since I wrote our August round up post, and there's quite a few things I'd like to remember about the post few weeks.

Here's a snapshot of our September:

* Work has been going well for both of us, as we've continued to get used to our new roles and for me, a new career, so September has been a busy one with lots of things to learn and prepare for

* We've been preparing for autumn, my favourite time of year

* We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary and had two nights off parent duties, in two consecutive weekends - lucky us!

* We went to see our favourite band, Barenaked Ladies, in London at the Roundhouse on one of these days and had a fantastic time

* We went to see Stick Man at Town Hall Birmingham, which Ethan really loved - he's been singing the song ever since

* For the third year running, we went to Monk Fryston Beer Festival with our best friends, for a day of, well, drink, food, live music and catching up. Two couples in the group recently got married and it was nice to all be back together again - and who knows what may happen by the time we go to the festival again next year?

* I went to Harewood House in Leeds to see Friends Fest with my three girlfriends, where we enjoyed the silent disco, recreated the title sequence and toured Monica's apartment - amazing selfie opportunities!

* Ethan's sleep has been unsettled all month long, and he's been anxious about a boy at nursery

* Sue Perkins came to Town Hall Birmingham and I had a really enjoyable evening - she was great to listen to and I am know avidly reading her book, Spectacles

* On a rare mid-week treat, we went to Jamie's Italian to try out the Evening Favourites menu, and ate far too much

* As the nights have been getting darker earlier, I've been feeling like I am going into hibernation mode so I've got to try and get into a routine that works as I haven't achieved a lot during the week

* We trialled Hello Fresh for a week and made some really delicious meals

* I planned a bedroom makeover - that I still have to get around to actually doing!

* Ethan has started asking us 'Are you happy?' a lot this month and as I have a bad cough at the moment, he's been very sweet and has brought me blankets and taken good care of me

* I set up three Instagram accounts, so people can choose which area they want to follow, as I want to focus on different areas and be a bit clearer on here about my passions

* We've started to make plans for Christmas, with a Center Parcs holiday booked for mid-December (our first proper family break in two years), a cottage weekend away with friends for our annual Mock Christmas celebration and getting ahead with budget planning

* September has been another month where we've spent a lot of time together as a family, enjoying each other and our home


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