Saturday 1 October 2016

What to watch tonight...

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We are big media users in our house - with laptops, iPhones, tablets, iPads and various entertainment services. I guess we're like a lot of families today; technology at our fingertips and plenty of options.

It's just as well, as we all have different taste when it comes to what to watch on TV.

I am an X Factor fan, I'll admit it. It's easy entertainment and there's always something happening that has everyone talking. Hubs, on the other hand, really isn't keen at all. He likes gritty TV shows like Breaking Bad and the like, and will only watch TV if it's something that he will really get into.

Then there's Ethan. We're of course conscious of how much TV he watches but channels like Cbeebies have a lot to offer little ones and he loves so many characters, having the choice of switching channels to find something he'll like is really useful and keeps everyone happy.

We've been Sky customers and I love the On Demand and planner features. It's so convenient - you never have to remember when your programme will be on, you can just series link it and it'll be there when you have time to sit down and watch it.

Sky is also good for new shows and it becomes really useful as Christmas comes around so you can catch all the seasonal specials and save things up for when you will be at home and have time to settle down to watch something as a family - if you can agree on what to watch, that is!

It's also the worst time of year for something to go wrong with your TV service. I remember losing all my stored programmes in one go when there was a technical hitch and I completely panicked - I'd been saving things up for weeks! When something goes wrong or you need to get hold of someone quickly, going to will give you quick access to Sky, or any other number of company's, customer service details so help can be at hand.

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