Saturday 10 September 2016

Our winter bedroom makeover inspiration

With the new season, I always like to add a few new touches to our home to make it inviting and autumn in particular is a time where I want to 'nest' and make the house feel nice and snug.

Having overhauled our lounge completely back in May, and also making over our hall, stairs and landing at the same time, it's made me want to update other rooms too. The bathroom needs to be ripped out (maybe next year...?) and the kitchen is small so there's nothing to be done there until we can replace it completely. Ethan's room, the nursery, is still lovely and we will keep it the same probably if we have another bundle in the future, and the spare room, which we have decorated as a dinosaur themed playroom, is complete really too. Aside from new carpets / flooring in four rooms, which we will get around to, there's just our bedroom that needs a new lease of life.

We updated our bedroom just last year, on a budget and the overall look was great. I was really pleased with what we achieved and it made the room feel different. The trouble is, I've never been fully happy with our bedroom. It could be the laundry pile which only ever seems to get bigger, or the fact that we have to have certain things in there so the space is used up and the layout is pretty much determined.

But it's never been just right.

So, with a budget of £150 and some inspiration taken from this month's Asda Good Living magazine, I've been inspired to give our bedroom a fresh new look.

I'm calling the look 'enchanted evening' and I'm aiming for a calm, sophisticated space that's as clutter free as possible and feels welcoming, and a bit luxurious too.

I've chosen a soft grey palette - Stardust paint from Wilkos for three of the walls provides the main backdrop - then rich blue and faded lilac hints. We have a white wardrobe and a black dressing table and curtains which we will be keeping, so I wanted to find a way to make things more cosy and keep a sophisticated edge.

We're going to paint one wall in Asda's Midnight Blue shade and put the bed back against this main wall. And I absolutely love the idea of having a bold wallpaper too, to really make a statement, such as those from Minecraft Wallpaper.

I've picked up a silver quilted bedspread / throw for the foot of the bed, with sequin detail, to go over a new duvet set from Asda - this one - which is dark blue, white and lilac in tone. New dark blue sheets will complete the look.

Then we're piling up the cushions, with dark blue pillowcases, muted lilac cushions then the alphabet cushions on our side of the bed (all cushions are from Asda).

The top of my wardrobe can be a bit of a dumping ground so I picked up some grey fabric boxes with lids from Wilkos, on offer at the moment for just £5, so make that space more ordered.

A matching light shade and lamp in grey sequins finishes the look and will pull it all together.

It's a good time right now to take a look in the supermarkets and high street home stores as they're full of student homeware promotions, so you can pick up some bargains.

Hopefully it will all come together - watch this space!


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