Friday 14 October 2016

To become... home: Safe and sound

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Home sweet home. The place we spend time with our nearest and dearest, a place we make our own and somewhere memories are made and our things are kept safe.

I often think about how we protect our home, not least because of Ethan and our pets, but also because I just couldn't bear to loose anything we have worked hard to achieve. We give careful thought to opening and closing our blinds, as I'm conscious that if they are always closed, it might look like we are away and if we leave them open, are we inviting unwanted attention?

When we go away for the weekend or longer, our house is looked after by one of our family, as we have two cats and we've never put them into a cattery or anything like that. Our dog, if he's not coming away with us, goes to a dog-sitter to stay and someone comes to stay at our house, or makes morning and evening trips to check on things and keep the cats well fed.

It gives us peace of mind that everything is well taken care of and, touch wood, we have never been unfortunate or the victim of theft or crime.

But I know that this could easily change and that we need to really think about how we look after ourselves and our house. You often hear about the dangers of mentioning holidays and checking in to places on Facebook, and how this could advertise your house as being empty and vulnerable - and it really does make you think.

Because our home is our castle and keeping it safe should be a top priority, home insurance is something that should be a no-brainer. It's worth investigating various home insurance quotes to see which cover package best fits what you need.

And if you'd like to make sure your home is safe and sound, the following infographic could be really useful.

Better to be safe than sorry...


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