Friday 14 October 2016

To become... home: sitting comfortably

Years of working at a desk has helped to give me poor posture and aches and pains, from my lower back to my shoulders and neck. I started a new direction in my career a couple of months ago and I am more mobile during the working day as a result, but I do sit at a computer a lot still for work and blogging and even when sat on the sofa, I can get aches and pains.

I've even noticed that if I sit at the dining table or another table for work, I get uncomfortable after only a few minutes. I can also recall bruising my coccyx (tailbone) when I was a young teen and had to have radiotherapy on it to ease the pain; but this has lingered on into adulthood.

Keen to make some changes, improve my posture and help ease the discomfort I feel, I have taken up yoga after a 15 year absence which is helping and has given me some good exercises for releasing tension and strengthening my core. And then there's my new Sittingwell support cushion.

The friendly team got in touch to offer me one of their clever cushions as they thought it could help me and my back everyday, whenever I sit down.

I jumped at the chance and, choosing the feather version (as feather cushions do tend to stand the test of time better than polyester counterparts), my Sittingwell support cushion arrived next day in a really nice canvas carry bag, complete with details on how it works.

The idea behind it is that it looks like a normal cushion but behind the comfort padding, there is a core that gives lumbar support. It's taken over five years to develop and was done so with sofa sitting in particular in mind - although you can use it with any chair, particularly solid backed chairs.

I use it on the sofa every time I sit down and I have also taken it to my desk and the dining room table which has made everything just that little more comfortable.

Because the general design is just the same as a standard 45cm x 45cm cushion, you can choose your own cover for it so no-one would ever know that there was anything different about it. This is a real plus point for me, as it fits in well with the rest of our lounge and I could put a personalised cushion cover from a friend to good use.

The cushion is priced from £45.99 for the polyester version and £69.99 for the feather option, so it is an investment but from the quality of the product and the ease with which you can add it to your daily life, I'd say it is well worth considering if you find you suffer with aches and pains when sitting or by the end of the day.

The combination of comfort and support that my Sittingwell support cushion provides is just what I needed, to remind me of correct posture, to help ease back pain and it means I am sitting much more comfortably than I have before.

* Thank you to Sittingwell for my support cushion, sent for purposes of review - but all opinions, and feelings of comfort, are my own.

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