Friday 4 November 2016 getting ahead with Christmas shopping

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I'm known in our circle of friends as someone who a) can't resist a bargain, b) has to be well organised and c) likes to get on top of the Christmas shopping early.

We all love Christmas and every year, we get together a few weeks before Christmas and have three days together where we pretend it's Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We wear silly pyjamas, we cook the big meal together and we do a secret Santa so that everyone has something special from the rest of the group.

It's a real highlight for all of us and this year, I am pretty pleased with the person I have picked to buy for.

Some people are just easier than others, aren't they?

This year, whilst I'm not yet finished with the Christmas shopping, I have completed at least half of my 'to buy' list. I find if you get in early, there's some really great stuff out there and some good deals to be had if you look around.

Which leads me nicely to one such place where you can do that; lovethesales.

It's a really hand website to go to as you can search lots of top brands and find some great prices, then lovethesales takes you directly to the retailer who has that offer on. Kind of like a personal shopper - or a happy elf giving you a helping hand!

Here are a few picks that have caught my eye for people on my Christmas list...

My hubs is a huge fan of Converse and it's always a gift idea I come back to, for him and other male friends and family members. I love them too and lovethesales has some trainers with up to 56% off.
Doesn't every woman love a good handbag or purse? There's some amazing deals on top brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Radley to get you carried away, with discounts up to 68% off at the moment. Bag one now!

Everyone likes some smellies for Christmas, and all the top scents can be found at a sniff of their usual price, from Prada and Gucci to Opium (my Mum's favourite) and DKNY. Pop some perfume with up to 75% off in your basket now...


Black Friday is approaching fast too, and that's always a good time to snap something up for a steal. I know some places go really crazy, and people even crazier, but I just stick to online shopping and see if there's something I can grab before it's gone. It's a lot of fun to see what's on special offer and I have bought some perfect presents this way in previous years.

So, there's a few ideas for bagging a bargain for your Christmas shopping... I'm now off to finish my list!

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