Friday 4 November 2016 coffee treats at home and for Christmas hampers

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I love a good cup of tea but at this time of year - or when I've had a super busy week like this one and need all the help I can get - I am all about the coffee.

I'm not a real connoisseur (I don't know a great deal about different beans or blends), but I know what I like and come autumn, I like to try out new flavours and syrups to get into the festive feeling.

I can easily spend a fortune in high street coffee shops, with their weird and wonderful blends and tempting coffee aromas, but you can recreate some of those famous drinks - #pumkinspicelatte, I'm looking at you - in your very own home.

As autumn rumbles on, I tend to treat myself to some freshly ground coffee and use a cafetiere to make an extra special cup. It's a highlight and a great start to our weekends and if I make sure to get up on time, I make a flask to take with me in the car to work - keeping me warm, and awake, all morning long.

Tomorrow we are going out for Bonfire Night and to see fireworks so we will definitely have a big flask of fresh coffee, probably with hazelnut or gingerbread syrup added, to enjoy on our drive and when we are waiting for everything to start. After all, it's meant to be a cold one tomorrow.

I'm also thinking that coffee beans, or ground coffee, is actually a nice idea for friends or family for Christmas. I quite like making my own hampers for people, as a different gift idea and something you can personalise. A wicker hamper lined with some festive tissue paper, a new mug or cup and saucer plus some Lavazza coffee and flavoured Monin syrup, just like they use in Starbucks and Costa, would be a lovely gift for a coffee fan - or a new parent!

What's your favourite type of coffee or syrup flavour? Would you like to receive a hamper like this at Christmas?

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