Wednesday 16 November 2016

...interiors: shelf life

I love shelves and bookcases and with the trend for #shelfies - where you post snaps of shelf displays in your home - it seems I'm not alone.

As part of our recent bedroom makeover, we have two shelves that have become really important features and they have worked to add depth and interest to the scheme as a whole.

Above our bed, we fitted a chunky floating shelf bought in Ikea for £15 that runs almost from one side to the other. I love this kind of look but never thought it was something we could do. It was a finishing touch we hadn't really thought of until a week after finishing the bedroom; I just felt something was missing and with the wall being an external one, hubs said he was sure we could go for this look. 

This shelf is now a real focal point when you come in the room and we've put a few nic naks on display, which I am sure we will work with and add to / update now and again.

At the moment, we have the first picture of hubs and I that was ever taken in a frame, a footprint from Ethan and some books plus wooden heart fairy lights. 

I found some cute owl bookends in B&Q along with this copper wire glass candle holder - and the cactus tealight is from Tiger, just a quirky, fun touch.

In the corner, we added a paper star lantern which you can put over a light bulb but we have just hung in place.

On the wall we face when we're in bed, we re-hung three black and white photos from our wedding and then used an old book ledge shelf from Ikea that we had taken down from the kitchen to create a small floating shelf for added interest. 

On this, we have a couple of alphabet candles, bought in Asda for £1.50 each, a faux succulent and some motivational message cards from Kikki K.

This last minute addition just looks lovely and again, adds interest to this wall.

I'm really pleased with how these two new shelves look; I'm all about displaying things that mean something to me but at the same time, I don't think the effect looks too cluttered, as the rest of the space is kept quite simple.

My tip for putting together a new shelf display would be to gather together the different bits and pieces you have, lay them out and start playing with groupings to see which ones you want to include, focus on or layer up side by side.

Are you a #shelfie addict like me?


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