Monday 5 December 2016

12 reviews before Christmas: 4) Accessorize Lily perfume

Today I have a lovely gift idea for a lovely lady in your life - from teenage girls to, well, not so teenage girls like me!

A must-have under the tree every year for me is some smellies. It's when I get to stock up on some sweet smelling treats to treat myself to in the months ahead and a bottle of perfume is always such a nice gift to receive.

As well as loving perfume, I also love Accessorize so imagine my joy when I heard about their new scent, Love Lily.

I am a firm believer in trying out lots of different perfumes to try and find your signature scent and also that you don't have to spend a lot of money to find one you'll enjoy.

What I really like about this perfume, and all others in fact within the Accessorize collection, is how a lot of thought has been put into the design of the bottles. Perfume sits on your dressing table so having a beautiful bottle to look at is actually really important to me.

This perfume comes in pretty packaging and has a stunning floral stopper so you're likely to keep the bottle on display long after the perfume has been spritzed away.

As for the scent, this is a light, sweet floral scent as you might expect from the name. It feels feminine and is a good choice for the day. Even after wearing it for several hours, I can still pick up on the scent and it's a really pleasant, fun filled perfume that any floral fan will enjoy.

Priced at £19 for 75ml, Love Lily is an affordable perfume that will last well into the spring, when the scent will truly come into its own.

Love Lily? Well yes, I do!

* I received this perfume for the purposes of review but trust my nose to be completely impartial!


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