Friday 13 January 2017

Beauty as easy as XYZ

The colder months can really take their toll on my skin and even though I generally have an oily t-zone and still get hormonal spots (who said spots were just for teenagers?!), I do get dry skin and at 32, I do have fine lines that start to show my age.

I do my best to take care of my skin and like finding new products to try. I love luxurious creams but sometimes they can be too heavy and can clog up my skin or not absorb fully, leaving a sheen and making it hard to apply make up.

I had seen a few posts about a 'tattoo cream' that was getting rave reviews and I then had the opportunity to try it out for myself.

XYZ promises to 'increase your skin’s natural collagen production to lift, firm and smooth the skin and visibly reduce lines and wrinkles'. Sounds good, right?

I have been using this cream every morning and most evenings too and I am really enjoying it. The packaging is attractive, making it a welcome dressing table addition and it does make it feel like a premium product; at £39.99 for 60ml, it is more than I would usually spend but I've found that a little goes a long way and I'm expecting that my tub will last for around 3 months by the time it's all used up.

The cream feels luxe and has a thick consistency, so when you apply it, you feel like your skin is being really nourished. But at the same time, it doesn't feel thick on your skin. It absorbs well and I've found that my skin feels smoother afterwards, with dry patches taken care of. My face feels comforted but also a little firmer too, and make up is ready to apply within a couple of minutes.

The nourishing plant extracts are meant to boost collagen and the overall results you can expect included smoother lines and wrinkles and improved texture. It was actually first developed to help skin heal after having a tattoo.

I have been really pleased with my XYZ trial and would recommend this cream if you're looking for a treat for your skin. With claims that it can make you look 7.5 years younger, it's worth a shot - and with a few people saying recently they think I look around 25, perhaps XYZ is working for me!

* I received this moisturiser for the purposes of review, but all opinions, and compliments received, are genuine.


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